leaving in style!

as we all know the eastern semi was most likely the last time stegall will play in winnipeg. All i can say is good show turtle man. td to start off and lead the team in reciving yards. Congrats to everything you have done and to the team for a fantastic game. Bring it home in TO.

Probably the most talented Bomber ever and definitely the classiest. Thanks for all the Touchdowns Milt

....Glenn will have to have a better game...though to be fair some failed chances, were not totally his fault...IF.Kevin can put it all together in T.O. LOOK OUT argos...cuz our d' can definitely match theirs...will be very interesting...GoBigBlue..go Troy... :rockin: :thup:

...and great game

hope it's not his last in the Peg... :thup:

IMO...Milt's the best receiver the CFL's ever seen. We're so fortunate in Winnipeg right now...Milt and; by the time he retires, Charles Roberts will be known as the best running back ever too....