Leaving Canadinns -- what a bunch of #$@%

Just sikening already, Bishop blows the most important game of the year ... should i be surprised?

FredEx needs to be SHIPPED OUTTA HERE .... bottom line the guy lost it!!!

Time to make some BIG moves in the offseason .... start with Fred Reid





WHAT A CROCK ... SEE YA IN 2010!!!


I defended Bishop all season … now i need to say BYE BYE BISHOP … Just Horrible!!!

The Great Bish will join the unemployment ranks... once again...

Well sorry to break it to you but he hand picked 39 of these guys but if you want to give him another shot. I'm pretty sure the Lions and other eastern teams will be grateful to you.

CJOB post game show is gonna ROCK

LOL.... I'll be listening!!

Guess the LOUD crowd didn't like Bish... Glenn should get a standing OVATION!!!!!!!

Glenn got the last laugh!!

Thanks Bombers and their FANS!!

WOOO! A whole week of "we're gunna beat you! Bishop's an awesome QB and Glenn's terrible! Blah blah blah" finally comes to an end. Bring on the Lions :smiley:

Bishop lays eggs in big games. He did it in Saskatchewan last year, yet Kelly still brought him on board. Is Bishop's horrible performance today a surprise to anybody?

I will still stand by saying Glenn Sucks what did he do today nothing except for his 1st drive everything else was avg. at best.

All i got to say is Kelly and the offence just wasted a really good defensive squad unbelievable all year sure some are gonna say but look at all the pts you gave up well when a D has to play 2/3 of a game every week what do you expect and it wasn't due to that they couldn't get off the field our offence couldn't stay on.

what it boils down to is New/descent QB, New OC, New Head coach and we should be fine for next year our special teams did very good except last week our defence is amazing so we gotta keep all those coaches.

As for Fred Reid brutal i have been watching him for the last while real close and this guy is not looking at how the holes are being formed/following his blocker like i have seen him look at a hole and our Olinemen is pushing the guy say left he'll run that way instead of bouncing to the other side of him like he's suppose too.. He'll cut back when the corner looks like its open and he'll go to the corner when if he cuts back he has daylight as a running back if you can't see those simple plays you've lost your touch and its time for a new guy.

ROFL? Glenn would be a top 3 or 4 QB in the league right now had he started the season. Your one to talk with 0 QB's fit to start. Nice 8 of 26 for 122 yards 1 TD 2 INT's returned for TD's by the way. Save the Bombers are much better then the Ticats BS till next season when you have an offense and a head coach. IF you do that is.

LOL.. he only lit your "awesome defense" up for 316 yards..... 3X as much as your holy saviour Bishop..... so what did Bishop do outside of 1 that's ONE play that netted 80 yards and a TD.. his 124 yards for the game sets a new record of futility... lol.. 8 for 26... yea,, Glenn is the worse QB is this game....

all we need is.........lmfao

You need more than that

Well, he was 28 for 42, 316 yards, 1 TD and 2 interceptions. Glenn "sucks"? "average at best?" If you say so. . .

The fact remains that the Albatross outplayed all NINE quarterbacks Winnipeg used this year.

Hey bro, did you read my mind or my post in the other thread?

Game, set, MATCH.


If you read the whole post i don't say we had a great offense or a good QB and can you bring up the time of possesion please when Glenn gets the ball after sitting on the bench for only 2 plays before he's back on and only gets 312 yards c'mon Burris or Calvillo or Durant would have put up catastrophic (sp) numbers on us...

-i'm guessin Calvillo would have had 375 been sitting on the bench in the 4th and 4-5 TD's to his name if he only had to wait 2-4 plays until he was back on the field our D played awesome throughout the season as a whole if it wasn't for them today we wouldn't have even been close heck they put up 7 pts for us today.

you know what i'll give u the possesion we had the ball for just over 21 mins while Ham had it for 39... 70 plays run to our 44.

Hamilton scored 14 pts on INTs Offence gave up a safety so our own offence almost outscored themselves

Glenn, IMO, is the fourth best overall QB in the league... and i really really hate that we let him go....

#4 QB in the league is that suppose to be something great in a 8 team league c'mon your only fooling yourself yes i know my team doesn't even have a QB in the top 8 the only QB's he ranks above are the ones that played for T.O. this year

Rank the QB's just for fun assuming there always healthy...

1- AC
2- Burris
3- Durant
4- Jackson/Pierce/Ray
5- Glenn/Printers
7- Lulay
9-TO QB's

boy, you, like so many other winnipeg fans, are truly blind

The Lions are only crossing over because they stole 2 points from Montreal!

Blind please explain all i know is we live and die by what Offence shows up, your gonna sit there and tell me our Defence was terrible this year and if these guys played on any team with a respectable offence the wouldn't have been one of the teams that would be least scored on.