Leave the Coach alone

The Coach is not the problem. The players need to take ownership for their bad penalties and dropped passes. These guys are professionals and need to play like it. We are close as a team and changing something like the Coach at this time is not a move made by a rational person. You can't make decisions on emotion because they are usually bad decisions. It is easy for people to say get rid of Marshall and let Joe run the Team, But it is Joe who is running our offence and they can't put up points. So how do we expect him to be the Head Coach?

great post, its tough to watch


Who to blame about being HORRIBLE out of the lockerroom in the 3rd quarter EVERY WEEK?!

Who to blame with tonnes of costly penalties EVERY GAME?

These are discipline and coaching problems, plain and simple.

Ranek...maaaaaass...showed they are all stars but they come to hamilton and stink it up?

Coaching my friend..coaching

Leave the Coach alone? The players need to be accountable for their actions, who's job is it to hold them accountable? it's not happening obviously. I don't think Joe is the answer either but I know without a doubt Marshall is not the answer. If my employees were as undisciplined as his players are I would be escorted out of my office immediately.

They are professionals my friend plan and simple. They are the ones playing the game and know what is and is not a penalty. They don't need the Coach to get them ready to play the second half of a game. Does Marshall get credit for getting them ready for the first half? I doubt it.

Mashall is a Loser ..
At Mac He could Never win the Big one..

Time for a Change

Marshall is the problem, Reed's an absolute IDIOT, Paopao 50-50.

Obviously you dont get the point of what a coach DOES.

So what is Marshall responsible for in your world?

Disciplining the team, making sure the team is ready to play.

Make adjustments when theyre having problems.

If you can tell me he's doing any of these things...

I guess I don't. You are all experts.

take Marshall out of this post & insert Dennis and Jerome.

where was the front four.....can't hold them on 1st and 20 in the 4th quarter.?

Here, here. How about our O line how about our special teams? MARSHALL IS NOT THE PROBLEM HERE FOLKS!

Wheather you guys want Marshall there or not I don't see him staying with his team. When I watch him he is usually all firey but tonight he showed no emotion. His players were taking stupid penalties (which is the players fault becasue they know game) players dropping passes, run game is horrible. I see Paopao as the only guy you really like but the offence sucks and I don't think Maas can play in a ball control offence. They said he is your leading rusher and he is not a scrambling quarterback. Maas needs to be able to open up down field and with the speed at receiver he should be able to if they could catch the ball. You say you don't like Reid, well they played pretty good with the turnovers and Calvillo's numbers weren't that great.

I was starting to kind of believe in Marshall, he seemed to be turning over a new leaf, that was until I saw the interview with him, he was talking about their ball control philosophy, then I realized there really is no hope, no light at the end of the tunnel. Ball control, and CFL are not synonymous with each other, you'll score maybe 10 points a game with it.

The only coach I'd replace Marshall with right now is Lancaster, he probably has the greatest feel for what needs to be done to turn this mess around. Joe Paopao, no way! The guy has always just been someone who come up with one gimmick every game to get one touch down i.e., the pass to Ranek, then the O will do nothing for the rest of the game. That is the story of his career.

Sorry papa (aka papa marshall)…but your son needs to go…steel company is hiring…:slight_smile: