OMG!!! I am getting dizzy with this QB carousel. Leave Porter in the games. I don’t care if we lose more games with him in. At least he learns and grows within the system. Crap, even Troy Aikmen went 1-15 his 1st year. How is Porter supposed to get any confidence, when in the back of his mind he knows he will be pulled in the 2nd half of the game. His stats were actually better in the Winnipeg game. He was fine last night also. The coach said he would not have a QB controversy this year during training camp. So much for that statement…Keep Porter in the game. If we as Ticat fans have to have 1 full season of growing pains, let it be with our future QB, not with Glenn. If Glenn is the starter and we don’t make the playoffs, then we start from ground-up again next year.

I dont know how many times i heard someone say "this is the plan...play Porter then have him watch and learn...." I dont see why that implies that he has to start!!! Although I agree that Porter is our QB ....why is it not consistant with the plan to reverse the order of things...where Glenn starts...Porter watches and comes in??? Im not into a QB shuffle but...from my observations the number 1 thing Quinton is not getting is the required pace of the offence...it is a little in quick sand with him at the helm...let him watch KG's pace....he should have learned from AC's as well last last...

8) Marcel also said at the end of training camp that there is no confirmed N. 1 QB. That being that Kevin and Quinton would share the duties !!!
 I think Marcel changed his intial assumption that Porter would be No. 1 and Glenn the backup, when he saw how good Glenn looked in training camp  !!

 In other words Marcel saw that Glenn indeed still has what it takes to be the starting QB here.

This team cannot afford to miss the playoffs again, at any cost  !!!!!

My biggest fear is that the coaching staff will once again be too stubborn to recognize that Glenn is our starter and play Porter. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats, as said on TSN, cannot afford to have another losing season. We need to win now. And if Glenn allows you to do that then that is who you start. But that does not say we are giving up on Porter. People have to stop equating not starting Porter with giving up on him. Nothing could be further from the truth. You bring him along. You get him into games. You start him once in a while when you think his skills can get you a win. you bring him into games when either Glenn is struggling or the game is in hand. I think Porter is at least one year away from being our starter. In the meantime, Glenn, the league MVP two years ago before he was injured, is quite capable of leading us into the playoffs and maybe even the Grey Cup.

Am I the only on who thinks there were some spot-on passes from QP, but dropped carelessly by the recievers? I dont think QP did that bad.

start Glen! The man is only 30 he can has some years left in him, and guess what i wanna win. He has showed he can move the offence and the team looks alot better when hes out there.

Porter gets another game. He already beat BC and looked good in that game. If he struggles he comes out again and Glenn starts the next game.

Has anyone thought that maybe both QB's are comfortable with this setup?

Not by the look on Porters face while standing on the sidelines.

I said it was a terrible mistake to pull Porter last week vs Winnipeg with the Ticats tied with Winnipeg at 6, I stand by that! If we had left Porter in we still would have won the game and Porter would have taken a huge step with victories over BC and Winnipeg. Had we done that and stuck with Porter I really believe there would have been a different out come last night vs Montreal.

Having said all that, if you can get you head around my thinking? because we did not go the way we should have with Porter from the start, it was the right call to pull Porter last night! It was wrong to pull Porter last week,but last night we should have put Glenn in earlier. The whole situation was handled terribly, and I can understand Ticats have to win after so many losing years, but the Porter situation was handled terribly IMHO.

Glenn played outstanding last night, picked up where he left off late last week , played even better last night! So Glenn is now the starter, no question about it! Sure its not official yet but is the way it has to go at this point. Pulling Porter last week tied at the half, meant that Porter would not be the starter as planned and hoped. It meant he would not be given the chance to make mistakes and remain in the game. We told Porter when he throws a int, its time to come out of the game, you cant operate that way with a young QB.

So now Porter will be the backup learning from Glenn the starter, not the original plan, but not a terrible plan either. Lets just hope the Porter project is not over!

Glenn is your starter for the year baring injury...you heard it here first.

The next game is at home against BC. I don't know about anyone else but I'm real happy I don't have to make this decision. Do you go with the guy who beat BC at home or do you go with the veteran who's looking very good?

Then again, both Porter and Glenn are class acts. That's got to be a big help to Bellefeuille.

Paul I hope you are right, but i would not be surprised to hear that Porter will be starting against BC. it will be a huge mistake but I fear MB has tunnelvision on porter being our starter.

No don't leave Porter in. I do care if we lose more games with him in. This is not the QP show and I'm sure he realizes that. I like QP and I agree that he will be a force after a little more development, but I WANT TO WIN NOW. I DON'T CARE ABOUT "THE FUTURE". I've been waiting for the future for years now. One thing I like about MB is that he is willing to pull QP if he is not getting it done. I'm not saying he did a horrible job, but he has struggled to finish the drive and seems a little scared of throwing the long ball. If KG gives us the best chance to win, I"m for starting him. QP WILL be a great QB and shows loads of promise, but it's not about promise it's about wins. I'm perfectly comfortable with QP starting the next game and being pulled if he's not getting the job done. I know he looked a little upset standing on the sidelines, but he's a competitor and you can't blame him for that. As long as he doesn't Bishop it, I'm fine with him being a little unhappy. I've got a solution. Sit Glenn and Porter and start Tafralis :wink:

Porter DID look a little tenative during the game last night. I wonder if he's second-guessing himself on every play, on every read. His runs were not authoritive (Mtl DID get in a few lucky shoe-string tackles for a minimal gain) and he seemed to step up into the pocket more. Somebody said that his passes lacked zip, and I agree. He just seems to be not trusting his instincts.

Perhaps he's being over-coached? Maybe he needs to simplify things and use his instincts and play to his strengths. It could also be that the rest of the league has enough film on him to defend against him better...

I'm with you all the way on this one.... Start QP. He needs to play to get better. He has all the potential in the world to be an all-star in this league.

Perhaps its that he's 26 years old (or whatever) in his 9th start.
I thought he did alright -- I thought he relaxed a bit more in the pocket and let the play develop. A big improvement over week 1. One or two ill advised deep balls (or thrown inside rather than outside) were the few blemishes I saw.

I think both of these guys have been all you can ask in an 'up-and-comer' and a seasoned veteran. I'm confident in the ability of both of these guys. Personally, I'd like to see Porter start against B.C -- but just shorten the leash.

Porter seems like a very good coachable player. I don't think he's naive enough, nor has the swelled ego many others have, to think he deserves to be going the distance in every game. Marcel seems to allow him to go through some adversity, do what he can to bail himself out and then replace him after that.

You leave Porter as starter.
Glenn knew the deal when he came to Hamilton.
He is there to mentor Porter and step in when called upon.

Porter is still learning. Needs confidence. Can't be pulled everytime he throws an interception. He was in when they beat BC the first time... that has earned him the start next Friday. Plus, his completion rate (at least going into last night's game) was second in the league. He needs reps to learn to read defences and get the ball away faster. He'll get there. Patience.

I'm in favour of keeping him in as well. He's young, he's capable, he's or future QB. He needs experience and confidence, not more time watching from the sidelines. By all means pull him when he plays badly or loses control of a game, but don't remove him as starter.

I say leave Porter in to start games, but tell him that if he doesn't score at least one TD a quarter, he will be pulled. Porter has to engineer TD drives to be a starting QB. Moving the sticks is not enough.

Porter also needs to improve upon throwing the ball quicker (making quicker decisions), and throwing a more accurate deep ball. Glenn is better than Porter at both of those things.

I agree we need to finish off drives better, but I don't think it makes any sense to say to your QB, "you have to engineer a TD every quarter or you'll be pulled." Suppose we're up 21-0 at half time, and the same after 3 quarters, and QP has passed for 3 TDs. You want to pull him for that? No way... unless your goal is to destroy his confidence.

I agree he needs to improve in making decisions and other areas... he'll only make those improvements by playing.

I think they should have stuck with QP from the beginning. HOWEVER I believe the damage has already been done, the cat is out of the bag, you have to go with Glenn now, simply based on the fact that Ticats need a winning season for many reasons you have to now go with Glenn.

I think HC must have been told that going in to game 2, because there was a change in message from HC from how he was going to manage his qbs, it was a flip flop. I fully understand and Glenn will start.