leave it up to CFL.CA to mess up the website

well they released the schedule 26 minutes ago and I look on the CFL.CA page? no schedule.

good job guys... knew you could do it! (mess it up)

A whole 26 minutes huh.

looks like every fan went on the site to plan there summer. Good news for Argo fans 5 Saturdays, should see a spike in attendance. (only one tuesday :wink:

yup the schedule has been good to us Argos fans this year. See you all in Hamilton on Labour Day! :rockin:

You mean Guelph, right? :lol:

Good to hear. I friggin' LOVE the Ottawa schedule, at least at first glance. Friday night games are ideal for me, and they play seven of them. :thup:

Yup, the place where you'll get your arse kicked. Or as dg says, might be in Guelph, no matter, the point being where you'll get your arse kicked. :wink:
Ottawa will be getting it kicked as well from the Cats this year, Collaros for MOP I can hear it now! :thup:

Weird that Hamilton - who starts with 3 in a row on the road - also ends the season with two out of three on the road too.

That certainly makes for a VERY favourable schedule for almost three full months from July 26 - October 17th with eight of twelve at home and one of the four 'road' games just an hour down the QEW in Toronto. So that really means only 3 'real' road trips from mid July until late October.

I don't know about that man, I am thinking it is going to be an Argos victory just like the last LDC... which was awesome, I was there...

Any word on which US network is going to be showing CFL games this year? I wish the league would stop from keeping us American fans hanging on until the last minute to teal us a deal was made.

If they knew I'm sure they wouldn't keep it a secret. There could be very good reasons for why it takes so long to make a deal. It annoys me too, but given that most U.S. fans aren't buying tickets I don't really think we're entitled to know sooner, only as soon as possible.