Leave Armstead Alone!!!!!!!

I think that on kickoffs armstead should be the lone guy back there, he is faster then dorsey and there have been quite a few times where both of them have been goin for the ball then they both back off, dorsey is doin good just because he is gettin all of the kickoffs, but if armstead were to get all the kickoffs and have another blocker in front of him(which dorsey doesn't do too well when he doesn't get the ball) armstead, with his speed, would have even more yards then dorsey has at this point, and would probably be leadin the league in return yards

o ya i forgot to say that i think there should be two of them back there on punt returns but thats it

who has more return yards ?

I think Armstead is to valuable of a player to have on the return team period



IMO i think that we should have 2 back there, but only 1 catching, the other 1 blocking :wink:

then the other one should be an o-lineman then?? :twisted:

i think any other football player can block :roll: do you think only O lineman only do all the blocking? :stuck_out_tongue:

I like Dorsey back there myself. Dorsey gets the ball and starts running, Armstead seems to wait a couple seconds to try and pick spots and loses yards doing it.

As for the stats:

Armstead is averaging 1.3 yards better on punt returns but Dorsey is averaging almost 8 yards more on kick-offs.

heck no, but then any other football player should be able to catch a ball, but who do you want to depend on to do so..an o-lineman?? :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted: :slight_smile:

I mean, if one wants a second person back their just to block, why not have those whose jobs it is to block do it??

Just playing devils advocate here :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :rockin:

well u :lol: put a O line on your team next to the returner and see what happens