Least favorite CFL player

Are you kidding me? Burris is awesome. They don't call him "Smiling Hank" for being a jackass.

He's a jackass alright. I had a chance to hear him speak at a dinner one time. Kind of full of himself. I couldn't stand the guy when he played here, and can't stand him now that he is in Calgary. Boo Hoo, I wasn't nominated for west MOP even though Joseph had more of an impact for his team, and won a heck of a lot more games.

Where’s Walby on the list? After all the errors he made from Sunday… :roll: :roll:

The initiator of this poll clearly had a lot of idle time on his/her hands, and picked players that are not even considered jerks.
Or is it your bias coming through.

Hi, Ticat fan here...

If we're talking jerks, like your poll says, then I say A.J. Gass.

If we're talking least favourite CFL players, like the thread heading says, then I vote for every single Ticat player with the exception of Lumsden, Caulley, Williams, Moreno, Armour, and Loescher.

Yeah Tillman was wrong about the Lions. Braidwood and the Eskimos started it. They are whiners. Now blame Higgins. No blame Garguli now. That whiner. The bastard is faking. He isn't hurt.

Jiminez. Belli. Its a tie.

What about (Casey, my man) Printers? Wasn't he supposed to be the Steeltown Saviour with the paycheque to prove it?

He was a good guy when I talked to him, but as a player with that kind of mouth... he gets my vote.

Printers had no real chance to do anything, seeing as how he came in so late in the season. It doesn't help either that the Ti-cats were, for a majority, rookies.

What he said when he arrived, it wasn't how he saw himeself, it was how he wanted to see himself. There was no problem with that at all.

That one was Matt Petz.

Lumsden. You want to play in the NFL that bad go... and leave you CFL paycheck behind.

where's O'Shea on this list? I aint voting 'till i see him up there!

I think I thought of the best ones, but I am glad that some people mentioned other options.

Different people have different opinions. It is fairly tough to narrow it down to one.

oh you're missing oh so many.

AJ Gass, Henry Burris,

I said before that I actually had typed in AJ Gass as the last option but I guess I forgot to click the “add option” button. He would have fit in nicely to this list.

I would have to say Fantuz. Dirtiest player on the field.