Least favorite CFL player

I have a list of the biggest jerks in the CFL. Who is your least favorite of all of them?

Are you retarded? how is Troy Westwood a jerk? the guy is a class act IMO, and a great guy.

Your just an idiot.

I was making a list of the players that some people feel are jerks. If you don't think Westwood is a jerk, then don't vote for him. I am sure some people will vote for him though. One person already did. And it wasn't me. I voted for someone else.

You left Tillmans name off the list.

Jiminez? Gass?

I actually thought I put Gass on the list as the last option but I guess I forgot to click the "add option" button after filling his name in. Whoops.

Im surprised Korey Banks isn’t on there either. He’d get my vote.

Burris. He is always wining about something.

I dont know any of the players, so I am not qualified to call any of them a jerk. However, going by latest news, then its Jiminez.

Who was it that sucker punched someone in the nuts??

Adriano Belli?

That would be Pilon of Calgary :wink:

Westwood could be your least favourite player without being a "jerk". You should probably change the title of the thread.

May be the dumbest idea for a poll yet and there have been some really dumb polls. Why doe it matter?

Didn't Belli give Walter Spencer a shot to the groin a couple of years ago when he was still in Hamilton?

Yeah! When Walter Spencer was a Rider still right? I remember that!

Last Bomber game in Toronto this season Belli was tossed for punching Obie Khan in the in the groin

Voted for Rob Murphy. B.C. sucks!

Troy Widewood by far. biggest baby in the league

I don't blame Rider fans for hating Westwood!

I don't mind any of them, except maybe Sanchez, but even that's stretching it. If it had been from last year, I would have said Lewis, but he's toned his act way down this year.