Least Depth at QB

While on my lunch break from work, I caught a little bit of The Big Show on The Fan 960. I believe Kelly Kirsch was the guest, and he claimed that Calgary had by far the least depth at QB in the entire league.

To me it seemed like a media person trying to sound smart by criticizing something they obviously don't have a clue about, I just thought I'd get some other views on this?

I don't thing you will get much argument that BC is deepest at QB, while I would rank Edmonton last. The Riders have both Crandell and Joseph, does have two guys with some experience count as depth if you know that neither one of them has ever performed consistently?

That guy is a clown nothing more. You listen to riderfan960 pity! I guess he had his eyes closed for during training camp and the preseason game. I thought all the qb's showed well. But again this is the guy that had a rider party in Calgary and promoted on the radio station he is on. Yup total clown. The station is a joke Richards in the morning like to make fun of hockey players that can not speak english then there is this butt hole. By no means is Calgary rate high but they do not rate low either based on tC and the preseason game so far. We will see come friday night he will eat his words once again.

When it comes to the media, ask yourself this.
If a writer knows so much, why is he not working in that sport(league) instead of writing about it.

I just assumed they don't work in that league for the following reasons:
-politics prevented them from getting hired
-it wouldn't be fair to the teams they didn't coach
-a lot of media types seem to act as though they are above the sports they cover (I am sure every city has a couple like this, I bet everyone in Calgary is thinking of the same example as me right now)
-the public would miss out on their witty observations

Yeah, I would definately say that Edmonton is the most pooched if something happens to Ray.

It would not be fair to the teams they don't coach? Are you saying that hiring a sports writer to coach would give them an advantage?

I say the same thing about writers whether they write about sports, finances, business or most other subjects.....If you know so much about it, go do it!

montreal, winnipeg and edmonton have the least QB depth, IMO.

I agree they have never played the sport. But there are some that have teh brians to figure the sport out to form an intelligent opinion and then there is the fan960. Once aweek they have a meeting and thats the only time they have a brian cell present. I guess it shows I do not like these guys. But seriously have you listen to Richards making fun of foreign hockey players and how they talk and goes on for hours on end. The guy is a bigot. Then there is Kelly when he opens his mouth a chinook blows in.

Kelly Kirsch knows exactly what he is talking about.

Yes piggy he is the smartest guy you know! :lol: :lol:

Ham and eggs. A day's work for a chicken, a lifetime commitment
for a pig.

I guess you have never read a Montreal newspaper!

And who is Brian? :lol:

Pretty hard call to make at this point in time, but
theres quite a few that could be in trouble if their
first stringer goes down.

Some people just love to write...it's what drives them, and it's what they elect to do. Why does someone who is wanting to write automatically not have the credentials to do something else involved in sport - or any other area, for that matter? That's a huge generalization you're hinting at, ro.....

I dont have a problem with the writing. I have a problem when the writer does it to claim that he knows better than a coach or player. or when a buisness writer writes how the CEO of a company doesnt know what he is doing.

Its like I said.....if you(the writer) knows so much about it go do it

Thanks Ro for pointing that out I have been up for almost 24 hrs Brain would be more appropriate! Ah they have shortage of brain cells.

.....and should he/she not want to? I know more about baking than the average bear, and am skilled enough to know when someone else's cake tastes like dirt.....but because I don't have my chef hat, and don't want it, does that mean I don't get to voice my displeasure?

Criticizing the average bear is one thing.
Criticizing a world renowned chef/baker is another

I could not possibly disagree more...Julia Child could make the most craptacular thing ever created, and I'd still say it sucked.....I do have the right to voice my own opinions, as do sport writers.

yes they have the right
It doesnt mean they know what they are talking about.
and they usually dont!

At least the ones here in MTL

Isn't this funny, RW2005 has such a low opinion of the fan960 which gave a bad review of his beloved stamps(QB's), yet seems to have a high opinion of Sportsnet which gave a good rating to his QB's.

yet both don't really have good football coverage so why either would have good coverage is odd.
if I got to I would rather go by someone first off with an un-biased opinion like the american from Louisianna who does the Rouge, White and Blue(Bedell)

All teams have "bad" depth right now if they have an un-proven QB.

Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal, Edmonton are all tied as none of their QB's have proven something at the CFL level.

BC - many QB's who have won games
Hamilton - Maas/Butler have both won and are atleast 5 year vets
Sask - Crandell has won a Grey cup, Joseph.. he's a good backup
TO - Bishop has won games, including strong playoff games, Allen has won cups but is getting old.

For now several teams have depth, but I can easily see a few of those teams(TO and Hamilton) cutting one of their vets.

Maas and Allen both seem like they may be moved for the right price, but by saturday they could just be cut, in which Maas will be getting offers from MTL, WPG and Edmonton to be the backup(push the starter).

Allen could very well retire on saturday.
So then it goes to only 2 teams having depth Sask and BCL.

Calgary fans may say their backups look good same with fans with any other CFL team that has alot of CFL rookie QB's in camp, but it is always the same story wait until the game.

Heck sportnet said there was nothing behind banks, but Banks was the Bombers 3rd or 4th Stringer thus why he's in MTL now.
so this perception of veteran backups is wierd, montreal has a Vet backup(now 2 actually) but Banks and Brady aren't exactly quality QB's.
IMO, neither will be starters but their happy because they have "veteran back-ups"