Learning On His Feet: The Spectator

Learning On His Feet

Ex-defensive lineman

J.P. Bekasiak adjusts to
the other side of the ball

June 04, 2008
Scott Radley
The Hamilton Spectator
(Jun 4, 2008)

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excerpt...'It isn't easy.

Particularly for a guy who's really still learning the game

-- he never played football until his final year of high school --

and who's never played a down in a game on the O-line.

His entire offensive experience consists of

three-times-a-week workouts
with Bleamer in the off-season,

[ [i] At least he isn't starting
completely cold in Training Camp

This is encouraging.[/i]]

these practices, and a tryout
with the Minnesota Vikings.

He's not the only man at camp facing
a significant positional change.

Former tight end Kori Dickerson is going
the other way onto the defensive line.

While Dickerson deserves respect
for the switch he's making,

even he would probably have to acknowledge
Bekasiak's adjustment is more profound.

Question is,

with the first exhibition
game just eight days away,

and the first regular-season
game just two weeks after that,

can he be ready?

"I hope so," he says. "I believe in myself."

JP Got it Tough I like the kid…
He may Stay but won’t be on Active roster.
It just too Tough to make the change that Quickly

This season will likely be a strong learning curve for J.P. I wouldn't look for too much from him this season unless he shines in the last few games.

Dickerson should develop faster because his new position isn't as difficult to learn.

These players both show plenty of potential, so it will be interesting to see what they can do.