learning how to fail..

Career is finished..
Why are the Lions insisting on missing the playoffs this season..
The over under in Vegas would have to be about 3 games.

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/lions-qb-lulay-learning-how-to-fall-1.269399]http://www.tsn.ca/lions-qb-lulay-learni ... l-1.269399[/url]

What is your point?
He is learning how to take hits proprly again...this is VERY common after injuries, especially mutliple. Falling poorly causes a pile moore injuries than getting hit. He is doing camp...he is heading in the right direction.
Further, the Lions restructured his contract...if he doesn't play he won't make the same as he did. There is room to make a move now if needed. Wally has been smart about it, Lulay has been understanding and cooperative. Seems to be a healthy relationship there, and that I must applaud.

With all the great players Wally has tossed aside over the past two decades, yet he has stuck with a guy who can’t finish a single game?

Better than "learning how to fail" with Glenn. If we can't have a health Lulay, I would rather see a young new quarterback instead of the tried and old.

At least from the buying a ticket prospective.

I thought Saskatchewan made the same mistake when they brought in Joseph, though Regina's a little too far away to buy a ticket...

(no disrespect to Joseph and Glenn)

I agree.

Another good shot on that shoulder and he's done. In fact he's done and doesn't even know it. He's quickly becoming the new Buck Pierce. To bad , I liked his ability but the writing is on the wall IMHO