Learning from Calgary's offense last night

Hopefully we can have some razzle-dazzle plays like the Stamps used agains't the Als last night that really put the Als defence back on their heels.
That had to be one of the best game strategies I've ever seen used agains't an Als team, the Stamps were awesome in their execution.

Imaginitive plays take imagination..... our OC has none.

we do have Razel Dazzel...
It called the Shuffle Pass :lol: :lol:

No really we have some Trick Plays
But they Normaly Don't win Football games.
Playing Well Dose for 4 qrts
Somthing we have yet to do..

:lol: that was more predictable then Joe's play calling.

That's the key. Why should an opponent worry about razzle dazzle and trick plays, when we can't be consistent with standard, run-of-the-mill plays. You don't throw in tricks until the opponent is forced to give all his attention to basic offense.

Throwing the ball deeper than four yards is a trick play for Paopao.

The shotgun draw is razzle dazzle when it works. And i believe it is "shovel" pass not shuffle?

No wonder it isn't going anywhere- takes FAR to much time to get up to speed! :smiley:

Yes---- I'm a teacher and I'm getting back into playing form.

[i]Shovel pass definition very short forward pass usually to a receiver who is still in the offensive backfield and moving sideways

Shuffle pass definition misspelling of shovel pass[/i]

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Ockham wrote:

Throwing the ball deeper than four yards is a trick play for Paopao.
and a hurting shoulder play for Maas.

I believe you are correct, sir.

However, if Maas's shoulder is bad, then why isn't Holmes getting the ball more?

Assuming Maas isn't moving the ball in the first half, hopefully Williams comes into the game and airs the ball out.

If Maas' shoulder isn't good enough to allow the team to utilize a good complement of throwing plays, then a real mark of his leadership ability would be for him to sit himself down and let someone else go, if the coaching staff will not sit him down for whatever reasons.

I’d be worried about an athlete that asked to sit on the bench.

There are doctors to assess ailments.

There are coaches to assess performance.

Athletes get paid to play.