Learning curve gets steep for young Ticats

Another great read from Drew

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/article/585561--learning-curve-gets-steep-for-young-ticats]http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/ar ... ung-ticats[/url]

[b]But the more accurate description might be: As Kevin Glenn dropped back to pass, rookie left tackle Brian Simmons made a mistake in protection that allowed Canadian Football League sack leader Odell Willis a clear path to the quarterback. First-year receiver Chris Williams had trouble getting through traffic in the Winnipeg secondary and stumbled as he made his cut, disrupting the timing of the play. With Williams out of position and Glenn forced to release the ball quickly, the pass was intercepted.

“Two players made mistakes on that play,? said Hamilton Ticat head coach Marcel Bellefeuille, having watched the game film this weekend. “Neither one of them was Kevin Glenn.?[/b]

[b]While Bellefeuille says Williams will get the chance to correct his mistakes moving forward, others may not be so lucky — particularly with final National Football League cuts just around the corner. The Ticat defensive backs, in particular, are still an obvious area of concern.

“I believe we have the players we need offensively to build around. We’re not looking to add to that group,? Bellefeuille said. “In the secondary, we’re still trying to figure out whether we have all the answers here or not.?[/b]

Clearly NOT.

Anyone with a modicum of football knowledge, scratch that even a wee bit of common sense, should understand that the starting as many rookies and young guys as we are starting is going to cost you some games. These young guys are not only lacking in professional experience, but most of them also have to learn the Canadian game. It sucks to lose. The mistakes have nearly given me a heart attack and have almost sent me flying out the window at times, but it's not a big surprise. We have a good number of rookies/2nd year guys in our starting line-up and most especially in our receiving core/secondary. Sometimes guys are going to get beat and sometimes it's because of a lack on their part and other times it's just because of a great offensive play. Get used to it. Suck it up or watch baseball.


Exactly Banshee:

They also have to contend with a rookie OC and DC and even Marcel has not been with the head coaching fraternity that long.

So what exactly are you suggesting? That the team and the fans just need to have patience and hope for the best and everything will be OK because, well … just because!
If I may offer some advice in response to your philosofical lesson above, life doesn’t work that way and neither does football. Yes there are several players with very limited CFL experience on this team. They were were chosen because they showed enough ability to potentially be successful in this league. But they still have to get the job done, and when progress is not apparent, mistakes are not corrected and improvement does not take place , you are not fulfilling your fiduciary responsibilities as GM or coach if you simply sit by, grit your teeth and just hope that things will improve. The team’s scouts and personnel group have been assessing NFL training camps for a reason. Some players who may help this team are about to become available. Quality improvement is a proactive, never-ending process. Better is better. Ignoring reality and hoping for the best is a recipe for mediocrity.

I think we have to be a bit more satisfied this year as the team didn't start at 1-4 like last year and I didn't see any bad loses this year and I was very happy with the win over a desprate Argo team,this will be an intresting year with 2 western teams being failures so far. :stuck_out_tongue:

In the end analysis, wins are the only thing that matters. In the standings, you don't see any points given for "lost the game but played really well" or "lost the game but should have won".
Last year the team was 4 and 4 after eight games. This year, the team is 4 and 4 after eight games and I don't see why fans should take great satisfaction from the fact the team has found a different way to achieve the same so-so record. This team was expected to challenge for top spot in the east but is being overshadowed by a very impressive turnaround by Winnipeg and is still behind Montreal in the standings. The next two games are pivotal and will show fans whether this team is a contender or just a pretender.

8) I agree fully with you "seymour".
  Management is still not happy with our DB's, with the exception of Hinds and Young.
  Look for changes coming soon in that area !!!

  We're still not good enough.