Learn when to cheer!

It is very frustrating to hear our fans cheering loudly when we have possession of the ball. We should be quiet so our payers can hear the pay calls and signals while on the line. Cheer all you want after the snap of the ball. When the other team has the ball scream, yell and make as much noise as possible from the time they go in to the huddle until the ball is snapped. The idea is that they can't hear the plays or signal and snap count. Maybe the per game info should let us know that. Pigskin Pete needs to hold off the Oskee WeeWee when we have the ball as well. Lets give the advantage to our team not theirs!

I was losing it in my section about this. It is ridiculous that people don't get that the point of making noise is to throw the other team off on their counts and calls at the line. That drives me absolutely nuts.

This is from the Season Ticket Package Passport Booklet.

Q&A with Head Coach Kent Austin


" Having a full, noisy stadium for all nine games in Guelph will provide us with a huge competitive advantage over our opposition. We want our fans to get rowdy, make noise for our defence, and create an atmosphere that makes it difficult for other teams to execute. It's going to be a great environment. It's going to be intimate. It's going to be exciting. Our fans are going to be a big part of making Alumni Stadium our home."

It is very simple, Quiet on Offence, LOUD on DEFENCE, just watch a Sask. home game to see the advantage the fans create when Sask. is on Defence, It's Awesome to see !! and really helps the home team :thup:

This is a key thing that I don't think people around me ever seem to understand.

If you can't hear a play call correctly in the huddle, espcially the snap count, that can really mess up how the play is executed. I remember in my high school football days, missing play calls even in a quiet environment because I just got my bell rung. That kind of sensory overload in the huddle, while managing the clock, while dealing with the hit that just happened as the coaches are yelling and screaming at each other and having problems communicating because because they are ticked off is the kind of chaos a fan is looking sew.

It's not just about messing up the snap count, but disrupting the instructions in the huddle as well. Conversely on offense, appart from words of encouragement before the huddle, making noise should be reserved until the score has been accomplished.

A instructional video on when to cheer would be a good idea. Throw it on the screen early in the first quarter, once fans are settled into their seats.

I did notice several new fans in my section, and although it was annoying having people cheer at the wrong time, it was pretty funny listening to some of their comments. My favourite were the two guys in front of me who spent 5 minutes debating whether the field was turf or natural grass. After much debate, they decided it was grass :lol:

if the offense cant hear when theres 12000 cheering fans then there in big trouble in any other teams house

If Payton Manning can bark out audibles in front of 80,000 screaming fans, shirley Hank can muster up enough to be heard assuming ALL 12,000 are screaming at the sametime.

"if the offense cant hear when theres 12000 cheering fans then there in big trouble in any other teams house"

This is exactly what happens in other stadiums. The offense is thrown off because of the noise. Again I repeat: LOUD on defense quiet on offence.

Neuman you missed the point.
NOBODY is going to be thrown off with ONLY 12,000 fans.

It doesn't matter when you scream in Guelph. There's only 12,000. :smiley:

Clearly you weren't sitting with the loud mouth idiots in my section if you believe 12000 can't be loud :wink:

Where they acting like a bunch of Banshees ? :smiley:

They need signs the mascots and cheer leaders can hold that say get loud and be quiet. I have seen signs like this in multiple stadiums before and its a great idea.

They pretty much do, its on the Score Board. It has players telling you, STAND UP, MAKE SOME NOISE !!!!!!!! :thup: but your idea would also help :thup:

I know they do the make some noise one and id say it usually works when they do but I don't recall seeing a shhhhh one but I could be wrong on that.

Knowing ~Banshee~, that would be quite scary...

Not true at all. It would be an awesome section if they were all like me lol