Learn to Win Big!

Friday night is a chance to learn to win big...get the lead and don't look back...this team has the worst habit of changing things if they are working well. Don't go to a prevent defense ever and why not continue to score...if an error happens then just score again...when I went to school we were taught that the best defense is an aggressive offense...it is simple math...score more than the opposition...Playing it safe and girly-ball hasn't worked...fight to the end!!! Good Luck Guys!

Agreed Relic7, this team must learn to score points, score often and keep on scoring and adding to the lead. Other great teams have done it, why not the Tiger-Cats?

This is a young team, the youngest in the CFL by overall average experience but like Austin says let's not make any excuses, so that being said when you get a lead Cats, keep adding up the score the difference in score could be the difference in a tie situation, it's time to play for playoffs with four games left!

Sounds good

But honestly its just win for me. If we win by 30 great if we win by one great.

Just win baby!

I totally agree but relying on the "holding on" thing to win is just stupid...Pound the other team so bad they never want to play us again...and if that means running up the score...so be it....look at the scores last weekend...other teams run it up. If something is working why the hell does the coaching change things usually in the 4th....Blitz to the end and score until you drop...begging for wins can be a habit and also winning BIG can also become a habit.

it is a mindset that i dont like either. hate the prevent so im in agreement there

id much rather them learn to win the close games first. esp with a young qb/team but i get where you are coming from.

"when the other team stops trying to score than i will too" i believe is the quote from Bill Belichick