Leake signs with another cfl team

Why do you think he got released and signed so fast? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

what??? could you perhaps provide a link?


...maybe the Als. are on their annual stock pile the qbs. routine.... :wink:

The link


So much for him wanting to go down and play in the Arena League.

If he isn't good enough to compete for a job with the Ticats, this signing doesn't make me the least bit nervous. He said he wanted to try the Arena League, but maybe he found out quickly that no one was interested.

I don't understand how a guy who breaks the passing record for a good team like the Florida Gators and leads his team to a national championship could go undrafted, and not even garner enough interest from the NFL to make some team's development roster. Then he arrives in Hamilton and is either cut because he stinks or asks to be released because he doesn't feel he has a chance.

He must not be very good.

He's like mike vick....he's really quick and runs a good option offense but has the passing ability of a 7 year old kid in school. The only reason he won a national championship is he was on an absolutely stacked team you could put reggie slack coked out on that team and they still could have one....

I think he tried to get into the NFL as a WR too actually

I don't know whether this is worth
going to the league about but

Jim Popp has just signed a top U.S. QB who
we had on our negotiation list for 2 years
without us getting anything in return

because Chris Leak's agent pitchforked
some el toro poo poo all over Obie

leading him on about an Arena League team
with injuries problems needing a QB right now.

Obie said on Ticats TV that
that is why he released him.

Obie can be excused for assuming
that Leak was headed there but

his agent can not be excused for
an underhanded trick like that.


IMO, Chris Leak's agent told him
he wasn't likely to win a job here

then, either this guy or Jim Popp
got on the phone after the release

and Chris was soon convinced that
winning a job in Montreal looks
a lot more achieveable.

Something don't smell right hear I think his agent gave Obi our GM the slip!.....At least in the Als camp he could catch on since Brady is the only real competition.

Don't Matter Al's have more guys head of then Hamilton Did .
Plus his Noodle Arm is no good for the CFL.
Mobile yes but not enought Arm for Cross Field Throws.