Leak and Zabransky

I know that Leak is on our negotiations list and will probally end up here. but Jared Zabransky got released by the texans. He ran the fastest 40time at the combine for qb's. He led Boise to a perfect season and beat oklahoma in the fiesta bowl. And for added value hes on the cover of NCAA 08. We should be looking at him.

Hey, a few minutes ago I read this post and was surprised to hear about Zabransky being cut after having such a good outing for the Texans the other night. I then went to the NFL.com transaction page and they have no trace of him being cut...where did you hear this?

[url=http://www.ktvb.com/xtra/moresports/stories/aug3107-zabranskycut.8c01c974.html]http://www.ktvb.com/xtra/moresports/sto ... 1c974.html[/url]

Thanks Bunni…I wonder why NFL.com doesn’t acknowledge this, Eitherway too bad, he played a great game the other night.

I saw it on the crawl on NFL network, but it's also here:

It's here:


Zabransky is on someone elses neg list I remember some time ago.

Who is Leak?

Leak is the qb who dismantled the Ohio State Buckeyes in last years Orange Bowl (I think...or National Championship).

Hes not a bad qb...but I see him as a Don Macpherson clone.

But who knows...

After watching that last preseason game leak played in, he throws the ball with so much zip. The fact that hes 5'11 may cause problems but otherwise hes great. You can bet he will be here in a year or so. Chang,Leak,Williams very nice.

Zabransky is on the Eskimos neg. list.

This team already has enough leaks

That fact is likely also a reason why he's available.

uhm no because chicago has rex,greise and orton

Let me rephrase that.
That fact is likely also a reason why he might continue to be available, rather than getting picked up by another NFL team.

I'd rather have Leak than Orton...but thats just me.