Leak a ARGO

It seems the Argo's are very close to signing Leak and in 3 words, I HOPE NOT, this guy sucks. He learned nothing while riding the bench with the Als. He had a great QB and coach to learn from and he made no strides in inproving his game

  1. What is your source for this rumor?

  2. I disagree that Leak sucks. He's young and relatively unproven. He showed some good things last season, but he also showed that he needs development in a lot of areas. It is difficult to progress when you're a third-stringer. Elizondo had a year with Leak in 2008, so if the Argos bring Chris in, they definitely have a method to their madness. If Chris leaves, I wish him all the best.

It was being discussed on one of the sports radio stations in T.O, i only caught the last few mins, but sorry he stills sucks in my book

And you post this here in the Als forum because.......?
He is no longer an Alouette, what do we care if you think he sucks?

On the other hand.
If he was still an Alouette, I still would not care

AS noted Leak is no onger on the Als roster. In university he was rated highly, playing ahead of Tim Tebow . In 2007 he signed as a free agent by the Bears-" he was rated as having the best overall arm in the cpllege game, with the rare ability to put the ball 50 yards downfield on a spot ". There is tons of info on Leak, see about.com. Leak had trials with two NFL teams ut unable to stick with an NFL team. He had little work with the Als.

Leak had a very good university background at Florida. God knows the Argos need QB help and Leak is worth a look.

"One of" the sports radio stations in Toronto? Which one ?

What time?

And precisely who was discussing this? Some call-in fans (in which case said "rumour" has no credibility whatsoever), or some on-air personalities with knowledge of the CFL in general and the Argos in particular ?

To wit. . . if Joe Fan called in and said the Argos were talking to Leak I'd give that all the weight it deserves (as in, none); if on the other hand it was Dave Naylor talking about it well then maybe there'd be something to it.

But if I were a betting man, I'd bet the answer is "neither" and the OP just made this one up out of thin air.

The Argos are talking to every guy who's thrown a football and who is available :lol:

why do you guys care and demand proof? He’s not an al now and you want him gone.let it go.

My two cents...
A discussion about an "ex-Alouette"
and incited by a trolling Argo fan
so be it

Like many of you...I too did the Internet rounds...gathering information about Leak.
He had supporters and detractors...even after winning it all with the Gators.
Having only seen him in one appearance and change
It's impossible for any of us to know what he'll do with Toronto
Or if he latches on elsewhere

In general terms...the more I watch and learn about this game
The more I realise the quarterback position is uniquely difficult up here
While intelligence is a must...the ability to make the right decision quickly
With all the motion and complexity in this game
Seems to be an essential step in QB evolution

Like a hockey player coming off a concussion....the fog eventually lifts and the game slows down.
Arm strength, evasive ability, intelligence are all great assets.
But it's that next level...that step into the time-warp that differentiates a starting quarterback
From a perennial sideliner.

So really....there is absolutely NO way to judge a quarterback's eventual success
Without seeing that progression and knowing it's there.
(And really...isn't this the quality referred to when dubbing him "college boy"?)

There's no doubt "it" happens (or doesn't) the more playing time a quarterback is given
I think (for example) we saw "it" with Travis Lulay last season
And the difference was night and day

So without any significant playing time to develop this attribute
Any conjecture at this point is unfair
Still...I'm glad it's Leak we're discussing today as a potential Argo
And not you-know-who. :lol:

Flag You !

Not sure why the original post is inciting. Just an opinion about an ex player that seems to have struck a chord. Not trolling at all.
But Senior youre right I 'd say …QB is a difficult position.
Nothing much to say to H guy…just typical of the paranoia and absolute rudeness on this particular team board. He’s inconsequential in every way and very predictable. A joke.
The CFL needs more QB’s …I hope Leak does well. I think he will.
And bestill your beating paranoia…I hope Als do OK too.

It make sense for barker to get more QB at camp with some cfl background to add to bell, I don't think Lemon will be the starter.

Gee, I thought I would post about leak on the Als site to see what some of you guys think about him. Instead I get called a Troll, demand for proof of where I heared this. Man your a real friendly bunch on here

It's not a question of being friendly or unfriendly. You have received some comments about what some Als' fans think of Leak. Personally I haven't seen enough of him to give an informed opinion.

As for "proof", it's just a longstanding cfl.ca tradition in here, that if you're going to post a rumour, you quote a source. if you don't or can't, then people will just think you made it up on your own.

Imagine, people asking for a source to your rumor. How very rude. :lol:

He's not even an Argo. You title your thread as if he's signed with the Argos which it is not, then you tell us that you think he's shiat and you've never or hardly seen him play and now your pissed cause we wont "entertain" you with smart football conversation.

IMO Troll is flattering because at least a troll isn't offended when he is pointed at. I'll educate you a bit since you seem interested in Flutie. When Flutie signed in the CFL, people said he was too small and would not make it. How did that turn out ? Till a QB has a chance to play two season in the league as a starter you have no clue if he can make it.

It looks like Barker has an option with Jyles or Zabransky. But Both Tillman and Mack are probably trying to robb the Argos going in to the draft. Based on how Barker has managed the Argos and his refusal to trade a first rounder to the Als for Adrian. I dont think he'll dance with either of those two and that's a good thing for the Argos. IMO.

Here you've been entertained.

Further, flutie, if all you wanted was a friendly discussion regarding what Als fan think/thought of Leak, you could have started this thread by saying "Guys, what do you Als fans think of Chris Leak?"

Had you done that, you might have gotten responses that you now say you wanted all along.

But no, that's not what you did.

You just came in and posted what now appears to be a false rumour, and said Leak sucks.

Hardly the way to start a conversation in here. . .

Whats your source for the Jyles and Zabransky rumors. And what are Tillman and Mack supposedly offering?
As I understand it this forum only posts rumors with sources.
Thanks guys

What are Tillman and Mack offering ? LOL

I'm not even going to bother.


[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breakingnews/Bombers-offer--116578888.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breaki ... 78888.html[/url]


[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breakingnews/Bombers-offer--116578888.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breaki ... 78888.html[/url]