Leagues Current MOP is back!

Thank you Geroy! Catches the game clincher in Saskatchewans own back yard!

And that, gentlemen, is the season series won by the defending champs!


Best fans in canada are clearing out early!

Perry needs a new crystal ball!

Riders fans need some diapers, edit Just lost at home to a third string QB.

Jarius Jackson>Kerry Joseph

So much for hoping Lions fans had any class.

I hate to agree wiht you RLR, but on this night JJ was better than Joseph, just enough to pull out the win.

Sambo, sorry if I sounded like a poor sport in my post. I'm just too happy right now which is why I'm not going to create a post-game thread until I've settled down a bit.

Just so sick of hearing everyone trashing the Lions, calling us out, saying we're not the best. We are the best, and it's clear as sky right now.

Tell me another team that would be 8-3-1 missing their top 2 QB's.

Jarious played well, but the difference was Ian Smart and the Lions special teams, not the offense.

Don't be too cocky RLR. If that pass would have been knocked down, dropped, overthrown, whatever, it would have been the Riders celebrating. Lions squeaked one out tonight.

As for the third string QB. Remember the Lions made it to the Grey Cup riding their backup QB (Casey Printers) then when they got to the Big Game and put in DD they ended up losing to the Argos.

Quit bringing up those injuries. Saskatchewan is missing their most prolific receiver (Dominguez). It's not like BC is the only team in the league with injuries.

Smith and Simon did have something to do with the win also!

They most definately did, but without Smart and the play of the special teams the Lions are shut out in the first half and the games already over.

They were the reason it was still a game at halftime despite only managing 40 yards of total offense.

yeah but we won and if my aunt had balls shed be my uncle