League to delay enforced Salary Cap ?????

8) Last night during a half time interview with Eric Tillman, host Brian Williams stated that he has heard rumours that the CFL may move up the so called new league salary imposed cap until the 2008 season instead of 2007 !!!

Eric Tillman admitted that the green Riders have exceeded their salary cap this year by over $600,000 in an attempt to build a Grey Cup contending team !!! He also stated that the Toronto Argos have exceeded their cap by a LOT more than that this year again !!!!

I wonder where Hamilton stands with comparison ?? I realize that nothing is being done this year to teams that exceed the cap, so next year may be free spending all over again, especially from the Argos since the Grey Cup will be held there next year !!!!!

I for one am tired of all the games. This really makes the league look bush. Either there's a cap or there isn't. This crap about coming soon brings the game down....

what he said

The CFL revolves around Toronto. Toronto hosts the GreyCup in 2007 so they do not want a salary cap next year. If the cap was in place the argos could not afford the players they have. Therefore no cap until 2008. By then Toronto has hosted the Cup and the argos are trying to buy the cup in 2007.
Secondly, could the Commissioner have hugged Damon Allen more tonight?