League stats week 5

After 5 weeks....the CATS have 2 players in the top 5 recieving in the league!! rookie Greg Ellingson is listed at #3 with 21 catches 351 yards,16.7yd avg and 1 t.d. Bakari Grant is at #5 in recieving with 24 catches 341 yards,14.2 avg. Burris is leading the passing race with a 100.1 rating,111 comp. 1510 yds passing, 64.2% comp. 8 t.d.'s. Congratulations guys!!!keep up the nice work!!!!!!!!!! :thup: :thup: :thup: one thumb for each of ya's. GO CATS GO!!!!!

And yet their record is 1-4. What does this mean? The stats say that they might be shooting the lights out but by watching the games we know that is not necessarily the case. Does it mean that things are going well except for a few key plays, factors, schemes, playcalls a game? Or is it something deeper? I know people say "no depth" or "no talent" but in my mind, stats like that don't seem to bolster those arguments.

I'm at a loss. Anyone hazard a guess/opinion/plan?

Passing totals tend to be higher when you pass almost all the time. How do the number of pass attempts compare to the rest ofthe league. We know that rushing attemts are way l Iow.

Well Captain,since ya asked.......here's yer answer......Burris.......173....attempts

Burris.......173 always trailing, no run... kinda has to. Calvillo......158 veteran QB with an injured tailback... gonna see a lot of throws (also losing team...) Lulay........141 MOP let him chuck it Ray..........130 injured. totals are down Reilly.......128 new = relying on the "here hugh save me" play Durant.....107 injured totals are down Peirce.....105 oddly healthy for him... still on the IR totals are down
62%+ completion rate with that many balls thrown to that many uniform fillers kinda speaks for itself.

problem is same as last year, no effing defense.

Completion % with minimum 100 pases

  1. 75.4 Ray
  2. 69.2 Durant
  3. 64.5 Lulay
  4. 64.2 Burris
  5. 60.1 Calvillo
  6. 60.0 Pierce
  7. 56.3 Reilly

Completion %, 35 to 100 attemtps

  1. 80.0 Collaros
  2. 78.3 Mitchell
  3. 73.1 Tate
  4. 71.0 Glenn
  5. 64.0 Goltz

Pretty much tells the story of the offense, can pass like nobody's business, but no run attack to keep opposing defenses honest in the third and fourth quarter. Also implies the defense is stinking it up, which they were up until recently.