league statement on Gades

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The Canadian Football League (CFL) confirmed today that discussions regarding the sale of the Ottawa Renegades Football Club are moving forward with several organizations examining the sports franchise.

Speaking directly to Renegade fans, Commissioner Tom Wright stated: "Our first objective is to manage the process with the Committee of the Board to deliver the best solution for football in the Nation's Capital. As we go forward, I am committed to providing our fans in Ottawa-Gatineau with information on the state of their team as soon as we are able to do so. We recognize how difficult this situation is for
all those involved, particularly members of the Renegades' organization, its players, our fans and our sponsors. We ask for their continued patience and understanding."

Commenting on the timing of a decision, Mr. Wright added: "It is still premature to predict the outcome, but we are making progress and I am confident that a final decision will be forthcoming by mid-month."

One would certainly hope that by mid-month a decison, one way or another, will be finalized. I can appreciate the complexity of this situation for sure but with the season looming, I can't see how they could wait much past this date

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you were close ... it's 'stirred'.

You know, this statement relieves me a little bit ... I was getting nervous not hearing anything (especially considering the last thing I heard was that one or two buyers had dropped out). But now they've moved the "deadline date" (or D-Day as I'm calling it) back from the 4th, to the 7th, and now to mid-April. ... To me that says there's still hope of settling a deal, it just needs a little bit more time ... I'm also glad that the CFL is making this statement, that they're still trying, still giving out info, and that there are organizations looking at the franchise ... But I have to ask, why isn't this news ever posted on cfl.ca? This is "official" news after all; it's a statement from the league!

they only post the good news it seems, sry, guys but after reading the topics for the last few months, it's painfully oviouis.

I would definitely not say it's painfully obvious ... it's quite possible, but the Renegades aren't dead yet. And the topics found on a forum is not the best way to judge a team's health ...