League Schedule

Personally, I’m not a fan of this East Division off-week. It’s one thing for the TiCats to have a bye-week, but at least we could watch division rivals. Both CFL games this weekend are ten o’clock starts EDT which is outside of prime time east of Winnipeg.

I don't mind getting the bye weeks done in two weeks. I think that's a great move.

It's better than someone getting a bye in Week 6, and another team getting it in Week 14. This gives better balance.

The only change I would make is have 2 teams from each division off, then have the other 4 teams off the following week.

That way there would be 2 games (Early, Late) game, where the whole Country could atleast have 1 game on their time. Next week when both games are at 7:00 EST (4:00 Pacific), no one in BC will watch.

Given that there is an even number of teams in the league without Ottawa, why do we have bye weeks at all?

....I'm with you. Lets add another game to the schedule against the Eastern Division.


....I'm with you. Lets add another game to the schedule against the Eastern Division.



The player's union might have something to do with it. Given that these guys don't make that much cash, and so are often away from the family for six months a year, a week off mid-season might be written into the agreement.

For the rest of us, it gives us an extra week to discuss our QB situation. :wink:

I’m sure the players luv it. I can go a week without football.

I wasn't aware there was anything else to say about it?

or it could have something to do with television commitments to have games played for a 20 week regular season....

You have it right Karen. Until the existing TV contract with TSN runs out or is re-negotiated the contract is based on a 20 week schedule. From what I understand TSN has equal contracts with corporations for the same 20 week schedule so changing it is contractlly not as easy as you would think.

I think the players need a bye week. They get banged up week after week. It’s nice to have a week off and heal up some injuries.

Hey… maybe Maas’ arm will finally be healed!!! (lmao)

The bye weeks in the CFL and NFL are important to get teams recharged (although early bye weeks for certain teams in the NFL do conteract that). The CFL's 18-game schedule is a grind and I support the need for them. That being stated, a staggered bye week (i.e. two East and two West clubs per bye week) makes good TV viewing sense, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,

The TSN runs the CFL. Its all about money and TSN calls the shots.

I do agree with the posters who mentioned that all we easterners have this weekend is two games with 10pm starts. Poor planning in my opinion.

But if we don't have those 1 am EDT starts, then Alberta will secede, and no more Edmonton Ti-Cats!!!

um... sorry... /Sarcasm

The flipside of having games at 7 EDT is that they show at 4 PDT in Vancouver, and there are a lot of people at work at that time. We have a big country, small population, and sometimes the corporate mentality doesn't kick in fast enough for a rational decision to be made.

I love you guys.

There. I said it.

Elephant - get out of the room.

I cannot fathom why there is a bye week when there are an even number of teams. Its stupid. Please don't think I forget the injury factor rest and recovery agrgument. Too bad for them, play the backups more often and play every week of the season if you have to but play every week

This stinks to high heaven!

Skip the bye weeks already!

I need a home football game now!

What ,one home game in August??

No need for a bye week !

Not my idea of cultivating fan interest at all....dumb.

I beleive they should have spread the bye weeks over 4 weeks around the middle of the schedule.

With week 10 being laborday weekend, its perfect. Should have been two teams off weeks 8,9,11,and 12

if they insist on 4 teams at a time, then it should have been weeks 9 and 11.

Too much common sense for the boys at the head office though.

Why have the byes is the real common sense question