league retirment of # 23

I think we as fans of the CFL should do something to get ron langcasters number retired by the whole league. what does everyone else think about that.
CFL fan and lion/rider fan

no. that's not going to EVER happen.

he died, he wasn't assassinated! He isn't the best player all time, no argument!

he wasn't the Gretzky of the CFL.

the Riders already retired 23, that's enough of a honour to him!

The league should adopt a QB trophy named after him.

That I could get on board with. The trophy, not the retirement.

now there's an idea.

Cptn'kirk, that is one faboulous idea. A league retirement of a number, however beloved one is, is not. I mean let's face it, there are many others that mean alot to the league and it would be a slap if you don't treat them the same. And I don't think 3 or 4 digits will look right on a jersey.

Despite our obvious differences, we share your loss. There is nothing but positive comments regarding Mr. Lancaster on our board.

The CFL has lost a legend. Your loss is shared by all CFL fans, especially those in Ottawa and Hamilton.

I remember him as a player, coach and broadcaster. It is a terrible loss.

Again, we share your loss