League pondering rule change on replays

I am really torn on this. That play did deserve a penalty, but I don’t know if I like this door being opened. Will this eventually lead to a coach being able to challenge penalties or lack of calls? Anything the Command center can rule on a coach should be able to challenge on as well. I will be absolutely disgusted if the day comes when a coach challenges because he felt there was a holding call.

There are always going to be missed things, and a line needs to drawn in the sand. The League still reviews hits as such and hands out discipline. Does that help during the game? No. Will we eventually see off-sides as challengeable? At some point you need to leave the refs authority. They make mistakes, just as players do. Develop the refs more…try that angle first…make it a full-time job.

I don’t mind a major being assessed on a replay in the sense that I like seeing majors called. But I also feel that should be entirely on the refs, and that the league is there for further disciplinary actions, post game, as required. Replay should, IMO, be left for actually plays…catches, turnovers, spots on 3rd down, TDs, etc….not judgment calls. If there are going to make Majors a reviewable thing you better provide an extra review or 2 to each club per game, and you better have iron solid rules on what is a late hit on a QB.

I get the sentiment on this one, I really do, I just really really dislike where it inevitably leads.

you forgot the link to your source on this claim.

What are they considering? Where did you hear it?

This was the only thing I could find. Apparently Suitor said it on the Green Zone show.

If a coach would be allowed to challenge a no call on a major, does it swing the other way as well? Would a coach of a penalized team be able to challenge a penalty and have the command center rule that a hit was clean, and make the officials pick up a flag?

From the radio. I heard it on 2 stations this AM.
I looked for a link quickly and did not see anything. I am sure there will be something readily available by the afternoon...if I see it I will post it then.
And no...it is not a wild arse claim like the league is shutting it's doors for a season...I almost always post a link for stuff like this...just nothing jumped out at me yet.

I sure hope not. Once that's the case, are we going to need automatic review of penalties within the last 3 minutes since the coaches can't challenge?

What penalties are they allowed to call during a review? How do you challenge that?

This is not a great direction to go.

I totally agree. There comes a point where you just have to let the game be the game.

If it is brought in I would hope that it would ONLY be if someone felt there was a major foul. That said, ALL of these IMO would need to be reviewable:

15 Yard Majors:
Chop Block
Crackback Block
Cut Block
Face Masking
No Yards
Hazardous Equipment
Piling On
Roughing The Passer
Roughing The Kicker
Unnecessary Roughness

25 Yard Majors:
Illegal Deployment of Designated Quarterback
Objectionable Conduct - Physical Abuse of Official
Illegal Deployment of Designated Import
Rough Play

Disqualification Majors:
Hazardous Equipment
Excessive Objectionable Conduct
Objectionable Conduct - Physical Abuse of Official
Rough Play

These are personal judgement calls for the guys in stripes. If you take that away from them then holding and stuff is next. these are not reviews of plays, they are reviews of behaviour instances. It would be like getting a photo ticking for not signalling for a lane change...even though you might have been the only car on the block...certain enforcment you just need to be there in the thick of it all.

Worth noting that No Yards is not a major foul, even in 15 yard form. It's a normal penalty that just happens to be 15 yards. That's why No Yards isn't tacked onto the end of a return, it's either/or.

Fair point…I simply copied the 15+ list w/o really looking.

Didn't even think that. It's not like this is your first post or anything. No, I was just looking for more details about what they are considering.

While I think the video review rules need some changes, e.g. allow ball spot challenge on any down, allowing challenges on penalty calls / non-calls isn't one I'd want to see. If they were to do this, they would need to create VERY detailed criteria for what constitutes each type of penalty, more detailed than they have now, that would make it black-or-white decision. I can't see that happening.

Add to that a second major should be an automatic ejection like they do in Soccer.

You better give that rule book another read because you have no idea what you're talking about. No Yards is most certainly tacked on to the end of the play, just ask Rod Black. 8)

The last thing video review needs is MORE things to review. There are far to many things up for review now and we need to take some of that stuff away. Video review should never review anything more than possession and scoring plays. Stopping to lookm at every sideline pass is slowing the game and killing the flow. I can't think of another sport that reviews anything other than scoring plays and correct time. Why is football so special?

They will always be looking for ways to make Replay rules better. A tough balance from getting the call right and letting the game be played.

I would not want to increase the things that are reviewed, primarily because they lack consistency in what is in place now. I fail to see how that lack of consistency would not be worse with more reviews. I also con't think you can differentiate which calls are being reviewed a missed hold or even an offside can result in a touchdown or a stop by the defense.

I think it needs to be either all in or all out and since they obviously can't get it right with the existing reviews, adding more will just put more fuel on the fire. I'm for all out.

Don't slow the game down anymore, don't need more things to review.

Unless they increase the number of challenges allowed, adding more things to challenge won’t add any more delay to games. Maybe in the last thee minutes, but they’re pretty quick on those as they don’t have to wait for the coach to throw a flag.

Not sure what you have been watching. It seems they are only quick when they screw up.

Just get rid of the challenge system altogether. If the command center in Toronto is entrusted to handle the last 3 minutes, then why aren't the first 57 worth as much? Why is the onus to get the call right put on the coaches? This would also kibosh all the times that coaches throw a frivilous challenge to stop the clock or disrupt/delay the game. Then there's all teh times that a coach uses his last challenge on a very close play, should have won it but the replay was inconclusive. Then later another call is blown and he has no challenge. The booth should just handle the WHOLE GAME. It's the league's job to officiate the game, not the coaches' or teams'.