League Parity?

Season is still young, but after an average on 3 games each, every team lost at least 1 game.
almost all teams have won at least 1 game (Except Riders, but they lost all 3 games with less than 4 points)

Ottawa already won 2 games, as much as last year (they are more competitive than last year)

Winnipeg 2W-1L
Calgary 2W-1L
BC 1W-1L
Edmonton 1W-1L
Saskatchewan 0W-3L

Ottawa 2W-1L
Montreal 2W-2L
Toronto 2W-1L
Hamilton 1W-1L

This season looks fantastic!

I was thinking the same thing this week - most parity in the league in many years.

For me, the indicator of parity is how difficult it has been to make picks in the CFL Pick 'em pool.
Maybe I'm having a really off year, but my picks have been abysmal so far. :cry:

In previous years, competitive parity is normal in the CFL. That is, underdog teams tend to cover gambling pointspreads more often than favorites. However there are few exceptions such as first half of 2014 season when west dominated east. Overall, blindly betting all underdogs have proven to be profitable in the past. But contrarian gambling requires a strong stomach to defy logic and experts.

Yes, but as in all races, everyone starts out at the same pace.
As time goes on the " cream rises to the top " so to speak.

Although it is fun to see these games no knowing who may step up.
I mean Ham blows out Wpg. Wpg beats Mtl. Mtl beats Ham. ???????

The best thing is the East is competitive and should not be considered sure wins for the West.
So shut up about scrapping the divisions Duane Forde.

Great to see my Lions better than every expert suggested.
Sad to see Ottawa not more efficient on offence with all the top quality receivers they have.

Now, what is with Milt Stegall awarding the East division to the Als already ?
Aside from his normal way-to-early predictions , he contributes nothing to the show other than just arguing with everyone.

Teams are expected to win at home. Barely winning at home is still a win, but also indicates that the visitors were maybe the stronger team. Basically, these games went as expected if Hamilton is a bit stronger than Montreal, Montreal is a bit stronger than Winnipeg, and Hamilton is much stronger than Winnipeg.

It's the "bit better" part that's good for the league. There's definitely a lot more parity in the league than there has been in recent years. Last year wasn't bad, with six of the nine teams with similar records. I'm thinking this year it might be seven or even eight of the teams all around .500 in the standings.

Teams also have good nights and bad nights and so-so nights. You have to take the point spreads with a grain of salt.

Still way too early to declare parity. Guaranteed the 9 teams will not be this close at the end of November. Let's see where everyone sits going into LD. As far as I'm willing to go after 4 weeks is that it's a far better start than last season.

We have been lucky this season with some many close finishes–even games in which the quality of play has been so-so have been exciting in the final minutes of the game.

My thoughts exactly. If I can pick 80% of the outcomes, it’s not too exciting. This season, I’m looking at a horrible rate of correct picks, and I’m loving it.

Also who would have guessed that Winnipeg would be 1 point short of beating Calgary in Calgary.
That was an exciting game.
Question is , is Winnipeg improving or are the Stamps getting weaker ?
So far they have found ways to win, but have not looked impressive doing it.

The penalty fest is slowing down the game and killing the flow and entertainment value. The measures put in place to speed the game up are working but other factors are over riding those. The first 4 weeks have been far far better than this far last season, but just as frustrating to watch. I watch the games when I'm home but have stopped PVRing the games. If I'm not home I miss the game and catch the highlights later. And from what I'm reading in the game threads in most cases I'm not missing much.

I'm not a believer of making changes mid season, but in this case the league has to deal with this NOW!

Teams are still getting in sync and it usually takes 4 games to get everybody on the same page. I don't think SK is as bad as their record shows and Cgy is very lucky to be 3-1. Their offence was not very good vs Winnipeg and defence was good when needed. Calgary's D was not very good for 3 Quarters .

It's early. Saskatchewan has four losses by a total of 12 points (average -3 per game) while Ottawa sits at .500 despite scoring on average-8 points less than their opponent. Problem for Saskatchewan going forward is that they've dropped 3 at home already and if Hamilton drops them this week, they are behind the 8 ball.

There is no dominant team this year, Calgary has the best record (3-1), but that record is much better than their play, they've allowed more points than they've scored. Even Saskatchewan being 0-4, they're better than their record, no team appears to be much better than the other, I have no idea who will win the Grey cup this year.

Big difference between this season and last is this. Calgary stood apart from everyone pretty much all season last year, but every team has had at least 1 good game and 1 bad. Injuries to key positions hasn't helped. The next 4 weeks should start to seperate the good from the bad.

The differences in opinion in this week's picks in the VGCC are vast and also telling of this parity. I just don't see terribly that much of a gap between whatever team is supposedly best versus the Riders, which I don't see as necessarily and certainly not definitively the worst. This is the first season that I can remember the standings as this tight this early since I started following the CFL in 2009.

More folks than I have a feeling that we will learn a whole lot this weekend about just who is for real. Except for Winnipeg, my bets are with the east right now.

Every game is anyone's game even in Saskatchewan contrary to some lofty claims about Hamilton.