League of Denial: The NFL's Concussian Crisis

This coming Tuesday , Oct 8 on PBS the above noted program, will be aired in a two hour program which will provide an update on the concussion issue facing the NFL. This is a lengthy program which identifies and examines this whole issue in the NFL and, will be a worthwhile two hour document on this whole issue.

To preview this Doc, use the following email address pbs.org/frontline
PBS is the American Public TV which has private funding and generates outstanding documentaries. PBS is commercial free and, I have been using this organization for many years. The above email address will provide the address/site of the closest PBS station throughout the USA provided by most cable companies. I believe the program will be broadcasted throughout the entire network from which you will find the station nearest you. I believe the program will broadcast at 9PM EST.

All this concussion talk could soon mean the end of football (I guess there's always two-hand touch or the even safer flag football) and likely all other contact sports. Pretty soon it won't be safe to leave your own home. Let's not forget that 3/4 of all accidents happen in the home...so we might as well throw in the towel now as a species before we get injured, poisoned or debilitated by the hazardous environment we all must endure. :roll:

Let's take cars off the road, apparently they kill lots of people and you don't even need a helmet. Football is like a pansy sport compared with the number of people getting killed in automobiles each year.

The NFL and gridiron will be around long after we see the car as we know it today.

From wiki:

On average in 2011, 89 people were killed on the roadways of the U.S. each day.

Reading the rightful sarcasm by Earl and Xvys, I remember an economics professor in college who made a core point to us about high elimination of risk in elements of our society by citing and explaining the "NO LEFT TURN" example.

Would society anywhere adopt a traffic law for NO LEFT TURNS so as to eliminate a very high percentage of traffic accidents? The answer is NO!

Will there ever be even a study funded to research for example how many lives and grievous injuries would be spared each year with the elimination of all left turns by vehicles? The answer is also NO!

We accept tradeoffs for aggregate convenience, some undisclosed, in society.

It's the same when you hear about elimination of football or substantial change of the game from current rules to those of flag football and the like.

For now we are talking about only elimination of certain rules to prevent especially hits to the head off the line let alone some rules for blocking low on the line. Many more of those changes are certainly overdue.

Here are three new ones, along with the elimination of any wedge blocking on kickoffs in the CFL (prohibited in the NFL since 2009, and the roots of this scheme were banned in each game over 100 years ago with the prohibition of the flying wedge!):

  1. Elimination Tackling of Neck Altogether - Wrapping at least one arm around the neck to tackle even though otherwise not a prohibited horse collar or clothesline tackle

  2. Elimination of Downward Spearing Above Knees Unless Attempt to Wrap - Lowering the head from a standing position (as opposed to crouched) to make a hit or tackle in a downward direction above the knees without attempting to wrap to tackle

  3. Elimination of Any Launching Upwards At Head - Launching upwards at the head of any player with any part of the body not just at a defenceless receiver

Good article here in the Medical Post, not extensive or that on concussions, but from a perspective from Laurent Duvernay_Tardif, top prospect for the CFL and maybe a chance in the NFL as well, studying medicine at McGill and playing football there.

School of hard knocks. Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is a med student - and the top CFL prospect for 2014. Read how he views concussion risk and having a long career in medicine