League needs to get serious about Head shots

The Science is in now that hits to the head cause cumulative damage, yet we continue to see them and the refs can not catch them all. The league and the CFL HAS an obligation to take action about this. The hit on Lamar this weekend was absolutely unnecessary. I am sick and tired of seeing the head hunting. The game was never meant to be played using your molded helmet as a weapon.

We need new penalties for these types of hits. Maybe 30 yards ? Automatic ejections. Let Command Center act when these hits are missed by the refs. This will be a big deterrent.

Agree 100%.
could be supplementary punishment on hits missed on the field.
One game suspension for a hit to head.

I don't have issues with heavier penalties for blatent head shots, but sometimes it is simply an inadvertant part of the physical nature of the game. That is by no means weighing in on this particular hit, I would need to look at it again...but I'll take your word that it was a bad one. Another example was when someone tried twisting Sheet's head off while he was going down on the sideline in that game...one hand on helmet, on on chin, honestly looked like he was trying to rip his helmet off. We have seen some of the most sportsmen like athletes in various sports take inadvertant shots that is well out of their nature...but there is a big difference between a guy going high, and I guy lowering his shoulder then hitting a helmet that is also lowered.

I believe that league reviews of such hits/plays is a fair way to go, leaving up the severity of punishment/penalty to the ref is a tall order and open to immense ammounts of potential criticism...the nature of any personal judgement call as such.

What I would like to see is the CFLPA protect the majority instead of the few...that is to say that they win most arbitrations, making fines and suspensions pretty much useless. This protects the few alledged infractors, but not the majority of their members.

There have been great strives in protecting the quartebacks over the past few years (like yeally only the past 3-5 years), and those rules seem pretty well tweeked now, which is awesome to see. I have no doubt that this will be expanded in the near future.

Even legal tackles will jolt the head ,even when there isn't direct contact with the head. At a certain point, it's up to the individual if they wish to play football. The science is there for all to see. You will not eliminate all the contact and it wil be up to that individual to decide if it's worth it. The center takes a head shot on almost every play along with most of the O and D lines. You can maybe eliminate some of the cheap stuff but the risk will always be there. Unless you want touch football!?

I agree with basic premise of the OP's point, but he is being a bit melodramatic because it was a player on the team that he cheers that got clocked... no mention of the Sheets play at all... so you have to take it with a bit of a grain of salt...

the grab on Sheets was ugly, Saw the face grab on Whitaker as well but those aren't the same as using your helmet as a weapon. I like the idea of an ejection and a heavy penalty. There can be no appeal and mocking Cohon. Just apply it right there and then.

We're talking about using your helmet as a weapon. That means your head is the most forward point of your body on contact, which was exactly what happened to Lamar. While four Riders were holding him up (new trend) 62 came in and blindsided him right in the earhole neck area with his helmet. That can no longer be tolerated.

I must have missed the near decapitation of Sheets and the face grab on Whitaker. Do you have any clips that show these? I saw a rather bad clothesline in the Sask/Hamilton game but don't recall whether it was on Sheets. I missed the first five minutes of the game but nothing was shown concerning twisting Sheets head in the game hilites.

Yes it is a thoroughly CONTACT sport, but I do think that lowering the head into the battering-ram position should be an automatic penalty. The danger to both players is very high and the velocities down-field are far different from what happens on the lines.

The NCAA here in the states is implementing exactly this rule in the fall. Players who "target" the head will be ejected from the game. Some of the coaches are worried about what to teach their players. Seems pretty obvious to me. The again, it's the NCAA. They could foul up a two car funeral, so we'll see how the rule works out in practice. I would have guessed liability/insurance considerations would have forced something like this on the professional leagues already, but obviously that's not the case.

Interesting no complaints by TSN when play was reviewed, no complaints by Ticats during or after game, no complaints by league. RB is a group swarm is always hit hard. His team is pushing the pile forward and the riders are driving it back. Happens in all games (not in this case so much on the return).

This is a contact league, part of the game is injuries.

Most issues would be solved if high hits by any player but to 1)a ball carrier within the tackle box or 2) a ball carrier lowering his head (now also against NFL rules for the ball carrier himself) were deemed against the rules AND all players were required to attempt to wrap with the arms when tackling (i.e. rugby rules and back in the day also in football before facemasks and modern padding).

The game of gridiron football is not back there yet but it is on its way.

In the US, both health care costs and liability have become a more serious issue for all leagues than ever. Also it’s not the first time in the US that government at some level(s) has weighed in, and will continue to weight in, on the matter and for the better.

I’d be all for a two-tiered system of ejections in pro and college football depending on the degree of severity for deliberate shots to the head or any other hits with deliberate intent to injure (i.e. stomping, piling on well after tackle, ripping off a helmet, et cetera).

All ejections should carry at least forfeiture of full pay for that game. If the penalty took place at the end of the team’s season, the penalty carries over to the next season too.

  1. Ejection/Disqualification 1 - Out for rest of game. If in the last 10 minutes of the game (time left after play, not before), out for also the next game (i.e. the garbage time cheap shot rule).

  2. Ejection/Disqualification 2 - Out for rest of game and the next game and a review of the case by the league for potential additional penalties and suspensions. Such a player committing such a grievous offence as judged deliberate in intent to injure and in careless violation of the rules of the game, and causing injury to another player, loses at minimum his pay for two games.

Khalif Mitchell would have been one such example last season of the second degree, and then there was well before I started watching CFL action the fabled Rocket Stomp of yesteryear.

For those who are negligent in striking high on any player but a ball carrier in the tackle box by lowering their heads inadvertently or when off balance, only a 15-yard penalty should apply as for inadvertent clothesline (i.e. missed call in Edmonton game because determined not intentional - that’s BS too), horse collar, low hit to QB, high hit to QB, blocking below waist on special teams, et cetera.

Don't worry it's coming to the NFL too.

This is also known as the "slippery slope" argument. I think it is hogwash. You can, and the leagues will, ban grievous, deliberate shots to the head.

The rest of the players will be able to tackle just fine including with exceptions noted below when shots to the head cannot be stopped and shall remain part of the game.

Requiring all players to wrap when tackling will however improve the situation to a higher degree even at the line of scrimmage/inside the tackle box.

I believe Kent Austin did refer to it immediately after the game on radio and said he would be contacting the league.

For the sake of argument I went and grabbed the hit on Lamar and uploaded it for further review.


There's no reason for that other Riders player to run in head first there, he couldn't dive take him down any other way?

Was it intentional...no...was it malice...no...was it nasty...incredibly. That could have been really serious!
I have not looked up the hit on Lamar, but assume the same.

Right cause we want Rod Black as an authority on the subject :lol: Funny when Dressler takes a head shot all hell breaks loose :wink:

For me its not question of intent or not. If you use your head as the point of contact, to another player's head on defense, carrying the ball for whatever reason it should be an ejection, if to another part of the body maybe a major penalty. Look at how rare contacting the kicker is. Because the penalty is usually an extra set of downs and lost of possession.

Contact sport does not mean, thousands of cripples with cognitive and mental illness for the rest of their lives.

Sorry...contacting the kicker is a bad example...simply because any contact is a penalty (unless you hit the ball first of course). Other players are out there carrying the ball, and they are going to get hit on essentially every touch.

Don't get me wrong, the head shots gotta get stemmed out...I agree. But what happens if a player is in the air to make a hit, shoulder first, and the ball carrier makes a move that takes him off of his original line and there is a head impact? Should it be a penalty....I'm not so sure...perhaps if you want to eliminate the gray area (but then you will have players actually trying to get hit by a helmet...it would happen)...should it be an ejection...not in my eyes. These hits happen, and that is very unfortunate, but inadvertent ones do happen. For that reason, that is why I like the idea of the CFL evaluating them outside of the game...perhaps Brendan Shanahan would be interested (ducks the thrown bottles). Like his role or not, it has made an impact on the game and cleaned a lot of the blatantly dirty stuff out. That's all I want to see...the blatantly dirty hit punished with an iron first.