League needs to do something re: officiating.

That TD that they overturned at the very LEAST was inconclusive. IMO the ball breaks the plane. Als should be up by 13 at the half, and not 6.

I don't believe the ball crossed the plane. But it definately wasn't conclusive. I do agree, it should of been inconclusive, also.

And then a screening penalty is NOT a penalty???? Last time I looked, screening is still a penalty. Just because it's declared uncatchable??? What a freaking joke this is.

Pass Int that isn't pass Int against the Als. Incidental facemask called for 15 yards...utter bull****

u boys really got to stop the water works. u guys made alot of mistake sas did the blue. charlton pulled him down at the one before the ball hit plane, didn't mattered if his knee did and yes it was conclusive the ball neve rmade it. and the incidental facemask is still a faskmask. but you guys coulda won easily if you could finish off drives.

The only way that it could be conclusive, is if they had the OVERHEAD camera view.

And that remark about the waterworks, Canad Inns was like a live emo concert. Everyone cried to the refs if the Bombers had a bad play.

I have to agree here.
I don't believe it was a TD either but there video was inconclusive

As for the uncatchable ball.

Interferance on an uncatchable ball is supposed to be illegal contact....
10 yard penality and a first down.

o i admit the fans did throw it had ireland, but i actually agreed with almsot every call against the bombers that why i feel just in making my arguement.


Did you even read what you posted…Jake even explained the rule…ball was uncatchable…ergo…no penalty

The officiating was absolutely brutal, but that's nothing new, and we had control of our own destiny but just pissed it away. No use blaming the zebras.


Punt on 3rd and one and you probably win the game...

bad call form the zebra on both side of the field, Als lost the game not because it was a bad call call from the coach, CAUSE IT WAS A TERRIBLE CALL FROM THE COACH,they lost on 3rd and 1 the day they lost Vilimek and never replaced him, all year long that was the problem 3rd and 1.. can some 1 tell Popp that a full back is needed for those plays,i can understand Popp call , if they have it they win the game.. but if you go with what happend in the years, how many times did they miss on 3rd and 1, go with the stats give th ball to Duval he has better stats then 3rd and 1..cmon .. any way.. now ill be a Bombers fan for 1 game...I hate Toronto with passion.. to go back to the Zebras, is it just me or the became blind the day that they introduce instant replay??? they use to be the best all sports around, now they look at each other b4 they make ca call or take a decision, unreal, MTL td was good, Cahoon pass wasnt good , no cale interference cause it was to high... weird shoud we keep going on, many holding calls no flag, face mask, what happend in the 1st quater did they forgot the flag in the locker room.
im not blaming the lost on the ref, Bomber play a better game and they won thats it,Berry 1 Popp 0 simple.

I believe I saw 2 holds on Winnepeg's screen play Touchdown as well.

That is not entirely correct. There were two candidate angles of film that the umpire(s), yes plural, reviewed. First from the endzone it was determined that the Montreal receiver was down by contact with a knee landing on the goal-line. This angle shows no correct reference as to where the ball is either with the goal-line or equally, the knee.

The second angle from the sideline and near the goal-line shows the receiver with his knee making contact, ball clearly positioned behind the plane of the knee, but no reference to the goal-line. These two angles in conjunction confirmed that it was an impossibility that the ball could have crossed the plane of the goal-line if it didn’t cross the plane of the knee, and therefore it’s entirely conclusive. It only took them about fifty seconds to see that and overturn the original call.

Don’t use the excuse of the absence of an overhead camera, it would have verified the same thing.

P.S. I realize that you think the ball never crossed the plane from reading your other posts, I just used your quote as a reference with other authors in mind as well.

Did you read the rule.
PI on an uncatchable ball is illegal contact.
Its in the rule book.

ok now stop crying you guys got beat up by a better team and not by the ref’s this time calls went both ways. now grow up and get on with life. rember there is always next year, :rockin: party on dud

You speak with experience, right? :lol:

But I agree, time to move on. It is difficult, we are so use to seeing the Als doing great things, but things do change. The Als definately spoiled us over the past few years.