League MVP - who will win????

League MVP - will it be Kevin Glen or Kerry Joseph

Both are worthy candidates. Depends when the vote was taken. If it was this week Glen might win on a sympathy vote. If it was taken two weeks ago then Joseph wins. Both, as I said, are deserving candidates.
Rider and Bomber PRide Nation Wide!!! :cowboy:


first off.. it's not MVP

I'ts MOP.. Most outstanding Player.

get it right!

and it will be Joseph by a dozen footballs.

I think I'd put my money on Joseph.

Prolly Joseph, he had the better numbers I think. Both are worthy nominees however! They will not vote based on sympathy.

K-Jo should win. Not just did he stand out, he basically stood on his head.

Seeing as two Prarie teams are in the “Worst Case Scenario” Grey Cup, I wonder if Marty York thinks this is the “Worst Case Scenario MOP” seeing as both starting QBs are the finalists…

pfft on Marty York.. the guys a clown.

I think the vote will be very close, with Joseph getting MOP honours.

If they voted simply based on stats, then Kevin Glenn's passing yards might get him the MOP, but if they actually watched the two play, then KJ will probably run away with it.

My bet is that Joseph will probably win MoP. MVP? the game aint been played yet.

The ol US of A called today Turkey, they are askin about ya!

they can’t only base it on Passing yards…

QB’s today do a lot more for a team than just throw a ball down field.

otoh, the dim guy will win game MVP