League loses Rona , Scotia Bank as sponsers

Was reading CFL articles in the Toronto Sun over breakfast this morning , it was mentioned in one of the articles that both Rona and Scotia Bank would not be renewing their sponsorship with league, Rona is done now (think they are restructuring or maybe struggling) and Scotia Bank is done after the 2013 season. I hope there are companies that can fill that void of these two major sponsers.

Can someone post the article, i cant find it.

TC23 I read in the print version , but I found it on-line under SLAM sports (CFL) , I would post it but don't have a clue how to do so.

...If true....BIG OUCH....I hope the league has someone else in the wings to fill the void...I don't like the looks of this.

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/2013/03/01/20621031.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 21031.html[/url]

Cohon was quoted in the article , saying that he was not worried about this loss and there were others to step in fill the void---------but then again what else could he say -------guess we will have to wait and see who steps up .

This an opportunity for the league to bring in new sponsors and increase revenues. They should have no trouble find comparable or bigger sponsors.

The league will be fine. Sponsors rarely stick around forever and there are other blue chip companies that would find the CFL's substantial reach attractive.

Sunlife has been upping their sponsorship over the last few years, although the door would still be open for a banking sponsor.

As for Rona's replacement, the Canadian Tire group would be a good option if they were interested.

I'm thingking Target may want to get involved. New to the country and most locations should just be up and running when the league kicks off.

Like I said a year ago, the economy will take a hit and sponsorships are the first things to get cut from coroporate budgets. We've been very blessed in Canada but with what is happening in the US and Europe certainty that our economy is going to take some kind of a hit. Those sponsorships won't be easily replaced.

I've purchased at Rona but it's a nothing company in s Ont compared with Home Depot and Lowes so it's no loss really and yes, talks of being bought out all tbe time. Scotia Bank I don't know much about, never done business with them.

Truly the backing of Scotia Bank will be missed but with the CFL Brand becoming ever more popular and new sponsors will look to line up. The CFL has never been in this position before where corporate sponsors want to get involved so most people do not realize this happens all the time in pro sports with corporate sponsors are constantly changing each year.

Steve...you cannot be in business with this attitude.
these are big leaves.
You NEVER have line ups for the big corporate sponsors.

The economy is shrinking. Not expanding.

Typical southern Ontario thinking here. Lowes and HD are American companies who spend most of their sponsorship money with Nascar. Rona is a Quebec company. This will likely be a doubly whammy as they were also an Alouettes major sponsor. Good luck getting an American company like Lowes or HD to take the slack.

Yup :roll: I try to shop and support Canadian companies when possible ! Especially ones that sponsor the CFL !

Something that sticks in my mind regarding ScotiaBank and the CFL -------------I remember during GC week in Toronto last Nov, watching the local and national news coverage of the festivities in downtown Toronto, the Calgary horse (Quick six's stand-in) was wandering around visiting bars , hotels etc -------He/She also went to First Ontario Place or some such place and was invited into a Bank of Montreal to eat some goodies and open an account -------I thought at the time, this does not look good as ScotiaBank is the sponser and not BOM-- it was on the National News and local news more then once ------- BOM got some pretty nice free advertising,out of this , thanks to the CFL/GC.-- I wondered at the time if it would irritate some folks at ScotiaBank .---------I am not saying this had/has anything to do with anything(in fact I am sure it does not) but it is food for thought seeing SB is terminating its affiliation with the league.

The reality is sponsors are transient in nature.
With Rona having financial problems, this is not a surprise.

...I can see Rona taking a hit in this economy BUT a bank?????When they just announced mega profits, it makes one wonder... :roll:

Maybe it's time to do the banking shuffle and approach the others?