League Home Opener attendance down

The following crowd numbers for the seven home openers across the league in the first two weeks of the season all show declines, with 2013 numbers shown in brackets:

Toronto, 17,758 (29,852).
Vancouver, 24,524 (25,255).
Edmonton 30,714 (35,869).
Winnipeg 24,872 (33,500).
Calgary 26,135 (26,625).
Montreal, 20,018 (22,134).
Regina 19,285 (35,296).

Regina had pitiful weather as we all know

[url=http://www.thestar.com/sports/argos/2014/07/08/cfl_attendance_down_at_home_openers_across_league.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter]http://www.thestar.com/sports/argos/201 ... um=twitter[/url]

imagine if the Alouettes were playing at olympic stadium. It would be a Toronto 2.0.

The capacity at Molson was expanded to 25 000 seats a few years ago but now they have taken out 1000 or so endzone seats and replaced it with a "party patio" because they have never been able to consistently sell out 25 000. Molson stadium really does well to disguise their attendance issues.

And now, Grover, you can add:

Hamilton 5,573 (12,612) [@ Mac & @ Guelph] * The last home opener at IWS drew 25,682 in 2012.

Regina gets a complete pass. Frankly being called a disaster zone and still getting 19,000 is a feat in itself. Heck there have been times in Hamilton 19,000 for a drizzle game would be a feat.

Why would anyone want to go to a live game anymore when you can sit in your living room or basement or bedroom and watch your team (or the Ticats get their asses handed to them) on a 85" Samsung UHDTV and save yourself the hassle of buying season seats or having to buy beer and hotdogs on a huge ripoff markup? :smiley:


but still for me, nothing beats being at a live sporting event in person

If everyone thought like this there would be NO CFL ! so I guess you can thank everyone that attends the games so you can watch it in the comforts of your house ! :roll:

Being there Live is still better :rockin:

I’m sure EVERY TICAT/ CFL fan would have bent over backwards to attend our/the season opener in Regina in the driving rain while the Cats gave up 10 sacks And 31 points in arguably one of the most pitiful performances in franchise history :lol: :thdn:

I’d sooner watch on TV with the hopes the next TV deal nets the league 500+ million dollars, far more revenue than can be provided by fans paying 43$ a ticket game in and game out season after season while my team lays another egg (common practice in Hamilton). I can just flip off the TV after the first quarter and go on enjoying my day instead of sitting In A stadium full of PO’d drunk fans that I’ll be fighting with in line to take a piss/buy hot dogs etc and in traffic after the game while listening to PO’d callers into 900 chml on the fifth quarter all the way home from THF… :thup: sounds great!

WOW “K/P”…you are 100% RIGHT…you speak for yourself.

Personally, I’d agree with you for the most part…YES…REALLY. However, nothing can top BEING THERE when the Ticats win and you share the joy of “High Fiving” perfect strangers.

My big screen at home and the cottage is nice but I’ll take/make the drive and listen to Fifth quarter etc. because "I’m a Ticat Fan"…“And Proud Of it”. :thup:

I’m sure when you get back to Hamilton and see the stadium yourself…you will like what you see. :wink:

It’s five years until the next TV deal and if the present deal was $40 Million based on average viewership of 750,000, the new TV deal brought in an extra $2.5 Million per team. The TV ratings almost doubled from 6 years ago and the CFL received almost double the TV revenue.
If the average CFL ticket is $60 then the increase in the TV deal is equivalent of 4,500 fans per game. If a team drops 4,500 per game in attendance they have lost any gain from the TV revenue.
If the TV ratings double in the next 5 years then you could expect a doubling in TV revenue. But the TV ratings have leveled off and will probably stay in the 750k range, you can’t count on an increase in TV revenue 5 years from now.
It still comes down to selling tickets and getting people to the game.

Hey Grover once again good job on the stats across the league.

Toronto, 17,758 (29,852).
Vancouver, 24,524 (25,255).
Edmonton 30,714 (35,869).
Winnipeg 24,872 (33,500).
Calgary 26,135 (26,625).
Montreal, 20,018 (22,134).
Regina 19,285 (35,296).

I think part of the problem is that the CFL has a great opportunity to tie in the start of their season and game or week 1 with Canada Day the holiday and should, they have done that in past years and have had success in marketing and attendance why try an earlier schedule just Go with Canada Day as the start for the CFL.

The other thing is Friday night games, I've heard many fans and I'm one of them who think Friday night should be a double header of CFL football one early game one later, Friday Night Football on TSN and ESPN south of the border and make it a staple of the CFL.

All markets are slightly off targets, but Toronto once again is the worst and it doesn't help their situation when the ownership cannot find a suitable buyer or new owner, is it the Maple Leafs or someone else? Big question mark hanging over the team and where they will play in 2017 when their lease is up at the Rogers House, frankly this team needs a new stadium about five years ago or more way overdue and not Toronto but more like Mississauga, Vaughn or Pickering all areas mentioned as possible locations, Rogers is the Worst place to watch a football game!

Hamilton, not even on the list because WE have no Stadium Yet? One day, I've put aside Canada Day 2015 on the Calendar to attend the First Home Game of the Tiger-Cats for 2015 and it could include 2014 as well, maybe McMaster will have to be the new home of the Cats this year??

Imagine this stat:

Hamilton 6,000 current from (27,000 at Ivor Wynne)

Even if Hamilton has to play a third game at Mac by the time their 5th home game is played (with two at THF) attendance for 5 games for Hamilton will likely already be ahead of five games from last year at Guelph.

Also note for some reason Regina reports their attendance as people who make it to the game instead of ticket sales like almost every other pro sport team. I'm assuming ticket sales for the Ti-Cats game was closer to 30,000 since they do report that they have 26,000+ season ticket holders and cut sales off at that number.

Well - if you thought 17,000 was bad for the Argos home opener with about 6,000 Riders fans in attendance - that may end up looking like a big crowd compared to what they draw tomorrow night against the Stamps. They need a huge walk-up to even come close to 15,000 tomorrow. Check-out TicketMaster from earlier today. Blue dots - seats available, grey dots seats sold - or in the case of the first 4-5 rows directly behind the benches not sold - but covered up with a tarp.

As I posted in the cfl.ca board - this is getting ridiculous. Thankfully this Stamps - Argos game is not on any of the ESPN television networks because to me 10,000 or so in a 50,000 seat stadium is a heck of lot more of an embarrassment for the CFL than a sold out game at Mac would have been.

The league needs to push Braley to get rid of the team now! MLSE called his bluff when he asked for too much and now Braley is left with a crap hand. Holding on to them now will only end up costing him millions of dollars and drive the Argos further into the ground.


I think that has to be the worst I have ever seen for tickets sold/unsold for an Argo game. Someone said they only have 3500 season tickets, looking at the map, I believe it. Can Braley put up with this until the end of the season? It’s not like they have a losing football team. They can’t use the excuse about the stadium not having atmosphere, true fans would come out if they like CFL football.

Absolutely pathetic. Wake up Argos! Your marketplace is sending you a very loud message. You are irrelevant and nobody gives a crap about you. Promote the damn product and do whatever is necessary to fill those seats! :x



In general, the league as a whole has not done nearly enough to promote opening night for the season. Most other leagues promote the heck out of their opening games of their seasons. Baseball, for example has turned opening weekend into a great tradition. The opening series of a season is supposed to mark the beginning of Summer and brings out great crowds. And that is in April! MLB also has 162 games. Even in Canada opening series of games have been a big draw. The Jays have routinely sold out opening weekend and even the lowly Expos drew large crowds in excess of 40,000 to the cavernous Big Owe.

The CFL is much better positioned weather wise (with it actually being Summer :lol: ) and far fewer games to promote. Kids have just been released from school and families are in a prime position to attend games. This doesn’t even speak to the possibility of tying the CFL to Canada day celebrations. If promoted properly, opening weekend in the CFL could easily become a mini Labour Day in terms of fan interest and crowds in the stands within a few years