League Home Opener 31 Years Ago Revisited

July 12, 1977. Coaches Leo Cahill and Bob Shaw along with quarterbacks Chuck Ealey and Jimmy Jones lead their teams into the league season opener. The Ticats led 20-3 at halftime thanks to touchdowns by M.L. Harris and Jimmy Edwards. Both TD's came after two fumbles by Argo running back Donnie "Quickdraw" McGraw. The Argos make a strong resurgence in the second half on touchdowns from Ealey and McGraw. With the score 21-19 in favour of the 'Cats, with 25 seconds remaining in the game, Argo placekicker Zenon Andrusyshyn lines up to kick the game winning field goal from 36 yards out. In typical Big Z fashion, the kick sails wide left and the Tiger-Cats defeat the Argos 21-20.

Also, Neil Lumsden played in that game.

Yep, in his last season as an Argo, before he became a Tiger-Cat the following year.

Then he ended up in Edmonton. Does anyone remember how that happened? I seem to remember we got taken in a trade or arrangement of some kind.

"Taken" isn't the word for it. More like "totally ripped off". We traded Lumsden to the Eskimos for quarterback Bruce Lemmerman who played a couple of games for the 'Cats, got injured and then retired, and moved out back to Edmonton where he helped out in coaching the Esks. One of the worst trades in Ticat history.

Yes I remember that now. Hmmm interesting.... Jessie born in '82. Maybe this wouldn't have happened if Neil wasn't out in Edmonton. The Tiger-Cats did end up eventually smacking the Eskies silly in the '86 Grey Cup. (Albeit after Neil retired) Maybe the Neil for Bruce trade is more than what it appears.

Thanks for the memories 'Pope. I was 3 :wink:
Why does the phrase "worst trade in Ticats history" seem so common these days?? :smiley:

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