League Game Notes - TiCats @ Bombers - Thursday, August 5th

Always some interesting tidbits and nuggets in these documents.



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Someone didn't do their research. From page 3:

Repeat Champions? - One in the last 38: In 2021, the Blue Bombers will be trying to become the CFL's first repeat Grey Cup
champion since Montreal in 2009-2010. How hard is it? Only Montreal in 2010 has accomplished this feat among the last 38 GC
winners - the previous time saw the end of Edmonton's record run from 1978 to 1982.

Doug Flutie would certainly disagree.

Ya. There's always a mistake here and there. But in general, good info. The fun part is that the broadcasters use this as reference for their little comments and such. Undoubtedly someone will repeat that "error" and the TSN social media will be flooded with corrections!!!