League fines 4 players and a coach

From CFL.ca:

TORONTO -- The Canadian Football League (CFL) announced today it has issued the following fines for Week Four of the 2011 regular season:

British Columbia Lion Defensive Back Korey Banks for unsportsmanlike conduct (“throat slash? gesture).

Montreal Alouette Defensive Back Dwight Anderson for unnecessary roughness on Saskatchewan Roughrider Weston Dressler.

Toronto Argonaut Linebacker Ejiro Kuale for an illegal hit on Winnipeg Blue Bomber quarterback Buck Pierce (in addition to his ejection from the game).

Toronto Argonaut Defensive End Ricky Foley for public comments critical of CFL game officials.

Toronto Argonaut Head Coach Jim Barker fined $1000.00 for public comments critical of CFL game officials.

In keeping with league policy, player fine amounts are not disclosed.


Can't argue against any of these fines - they are all deserved.

and…former Bomber Head Coach Mike Kelly…just for the heck of it. :smiley:

im not so sure about the fine for foley. i saw his comments, and i didnt find them out of sorts. honestly, we want our players to say nothing and be robotic like NHL players?

You critisize the officiating, you're gonna get a fine. I think that's pretty standard for all pro sports leagues.

Not suprising at all blue blood disagrees with me again. LOL. just giving you a hard time. Sometimes i have felt its not nessisarily a bad thing when the players want to keep the officiating accountable a bit as well. but im always on the other side.

I'm sure we agree on lots of things. :lol:

I think there are a lot of ways for the officiating to be held accountable that don't include complaining to the media (ie coaches fill out a report after every game rating the officiating, the League critiques their work, etc.). Most times - no matter what team is complaining - it sounds more like whining than critisizing.

I'm not convinced a throat slash gesture deserves a fine. :?

I think the throat slash gesture has been good for a guaranteed fine, regardless of sport or league, for a long time now.

The least deserving one was Foley (not that he had any point, but his comments weren't THAT bad), but it's also common place that if you make public comments criticizing the officals, you're going to get hit with a fine.

I agree. Foley said something that needed to be said and didn't slander anybody.

I think the officiating has been "lights out" for most of last season and this year so far. Tom Higgins and Cohon have done a fantastic job and I'm seeing a lot of new officials working the games in addition to the replay system which very seldom has not bee helpful.

I think ejecting players will force teams to reenforce the message about playing within the rules. Barker losing a starting LB will send a message across the league.

I could read Barker's lips during the game and he clearly deserved his fine. He was lucky not to be ejected as well.

Amounts aren't disclosed. It's probably the same thousand Barker had to pay. Who cares? :lol:

The maximum fine the League can give a player is an amount equal to 1/2 a game cheque but I wouldn't be surprised if Foley was fined much less than that - maybe a couple hundred dollars if that. Coaches are usually fined higher amounts than players.

Unfortunately, that is what the brain trust in the CFL wants, like it or not! I'm with you that if something needs to be aired out, the players/ coaches/ teams need to have an avenue to express it. Too bad the league doesn't have an "Ombudsman" like official for concerns to be discussed. I would extend this opportunity for officials as well.

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/2011/07/27/cfl-tries-to-muzzle-angry-argos]http://www.torontosun.com/2011/07/27/cf ... ngry-argos[/url]

"It wouldn't surprise anyone if Foley was hit with a $500.00 fine, an amount that likely applied to Kaule".
One hundred toonies seems kinda low to me.....Just sayin :wink: