League favoring Saskatchewan?

Two Montreal players have accused the CFL of favoring the Riders this week with accommodations and facilities.

Given the amount of money that Rider gear brings in compared to anybody else, there is a financial gain if they win. So it's easy to see where this accusation gains some easy credibility.

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It is so obvious that the CFL wants Riders to win the cup this year…
Shame on you CLF! You should treat both team equally!!!
BTW - the Als are the defending champion! They need a little bit of RESPECT please!


waaah!!!.... :roll:

I think he is referencing this:


You can form your own opinions.

what a bunch of crybabies..

what hotel are they staying at?

I'm really curious.

and the reason the Riders are in the Esks locker room is cause THEYRE THE HOME TEAM!!

MAYBE instead of crying about it, perhaps you should use the energy wasted to make your Fellow Eastern team's Cities more ready for the CFL by getting helping get their stadiums up to par so they can HOST a GREY CUP!..

Hamilton currently doesn't have a suitable stadium.. Winnipeg is in the process of getting a new one. Ottawas isn't in yet.

so Toronto (which has it in 2012) will be HOME for EASTERN teams.

maybe those two should stop crying and whining and focus more on the game.

…^ strawman argument…

Wow. I agree with cfl... These two sound like a couple of cry babies... :cry:

I have read it, hard to disagree with a number of things said. But of course, unless the Al's or anyone else for that matter doesn't just suck it up and pretend its not happening they'll just be labeled as whiners by you know who. I imagine if the shoe were on the other foot there would be a riot and a horde of green marching on Parliament hill in protest.

But hey, a 2 star hotel and crappy locker room is better than no hotel and no locker room, right my fellow Stampeder fans lol.


Games, or rather Grey Cups, are won on the field, not a the hotel room.

The Alouettes are staying at the Chateau Lacombe, while the Riders are at the Sutton Place Hotel.
I cant wait to stay at the Chateau Lacombe!!!

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If there are inequities regarding training or physiotherapy facilities then the League should do something to correct it! pronto

however the players should be fined for their accusations and it should have been handled by the Al,s bosses, not backup players!

re Hamilton unable to host G.C._ Had any other team been representing the east, Not the Argos, they would have sold out the 96 G.C.

Is this for real!!!???? Come on guys, this is a reach - even for Rider haters!!!

Instead of calling us [edit] why dont u go all go learn french and listen to the actual interview given on http://www.ckac.com. Proulx and Boulay are stating that it's not the first time that this has hapenned. And ya cry babies? Would u want to go on vacation and stay in a hotel with no pool, jacuzzi, exercise room or ice baths? I didnt think so. It's more of a reason to win the Grey Cup and take the first plane back to Montreal.

...whoa whoa whoa there mike, I dont' see anyone using that kind of terminology...take a rest mon ami

And yet, the Alouettes' head office is saying nothing about this?
If this is a pattern, one would expect that it would have been addressed before now.
If there was a problem last year, one would expect the Al's head office to ensure better arrangements this time around.

The teams are not on VACATION. This is a business trip. The players are there to work. As an aside, yes, I would, and have, stayed in many hotels sans pools, jacuzzis and ice baths.

If the team (employees) are unhappy with their business travel arrangements, it is the job of the Als' head office (employers) to assess and, if necessary, correct the situation.

As for training facilities, etc., I am quite sure that there are several gyms/training centres/spas in Edmonton that would be more than willing to open up their facilities and equipment for use by the CFL players.

Regarding locker rooms...there are two. One team gets the home dressing room, and the other gets the visitors dressing room. West team is the home team, so they get the home dressing room. Deal.

If there is a discrepancy in conditions between the Alouettes and Riders, it is the job of the TEAM to fix the problem. If they don't like their hotel, book another one. If they don't like their training facilities, go to a gym. These things are the responsibility of the team's management and coaching staff to deal with, and not, as one other poster so aptly stated, the job of backup players to whine about.

On the other hand, maybe Boulay's tears will freeze up in the weather and blur his vision, thus affecting his play. :roll:

I thought they were using the butterdome or a place on the university.. But I did hear on the news the other night Ben Cahoon saying that "practice is overrated" so maybe the CFL thought they were not interested in practicing or training.. As for the rooms.. if they are at the Chateau Lacombe.. its a pretty nice hotel too.. Not a seedy motel like the article seems to imply..

...I'm surprised the league doesn't have both teams in the same hotel to avoid situations like this....