League denies Jiminez a Stay

My point being, the only people who are saying anything bad about the Leos O-line are those people who are not out on the field. Those who really understand the game, and are playing it every day, say it is being blown out of proportion. That to me says more about it than all the whining by GMs and fans.

Actually, it seems the only people NOT saying bad things about your o-line are a few Lion fans.
Everyone else seems to be on the same page here, and agree that the Jimenez play was brutal, and some of the other incidents were not pretty either.
And that includes players, coaches, and GMs.
When a guy like AJ Gass calls a play filthy....
And members of the BC Lions have been cited as questioning this play.
I've seen the video now, and it was clearly both a foul, and flagrant.
The ref DQed him, the league has suspended him.
I am not sure what more needs to be said.

any links to the video as of yet?


let's see....Calgary players have spoken out against, Montreal players definitely complained after their last game in BC Place. Edmonton players haven't said much lately....but most of them are gone anyway, the same as Hamilton player.

So who does that leave, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, and Toronto, of which 1 of the 3 and possibly 2 of the 3 could be playing BC over the next week and a half. None of the other players and/or coaches would be stupid enough to complain at this time.

My point being, the only people who are saying anything bad about the Leos O-line are those people who are not out on the field. Those who really understand the game, and are playing it every day, say it is being blown out of proportion. That to me says more about it than all the whining by GMs and fans.
So anyone siding with the stamps player whose career was most likely ended is a whiner?

The point being - Jimenez's career should be over as well - Period - end of story.

For Wally to stay this is football earns him the title as the new Queen of the Pissants

How about you guys lend BC the one who ruled on A J Gass?

But he isn't a Lion's season ticket holder. LOL

Typical “Hollier Than Thou” Riders fans on here spewing venom at Jiminez for a fuzzy video clip that no one can determine anything from.

Lets face it, it probably wasn’t the greatest hit ever but for crying out loud you have no way of knowing it was done with intention to injure. It is truly pathetic that you would ask the Lions to cut him or say that Wally is an evil man over this.

Riders fans have proven once again the bible belt is strong as ever in polluting their backwards minds beyond smack talk into good old fashion prejudice hate mongering.

Intention to injure has no part in the discussion. That is what you are forgetting.

Do i think he went out there to end the players career...no

Do i think he went out there with the intention to injure....no

Do i think he went out there with the intention to hit the guy.....yes as it was a delibrate hit.

Do i think he would of have been given a flag and DQ'd if the player wasn't hurt....yes, as it was a direct illegal hit as decided by the ref.

Do i think we would be discussing this issue if the player hadn't been hurt.....no, i think it would have died down by now, but that is difference between a delibrate dirty hit and a clean hit.

Intent to injury has EVERY reason to be a part of this discussion. You hit a guy from behind in the NHL does it matter whether you paralyze the guy or whether he gets right back up? It shouldn't you should have the same penalty either way. Unless you were trying to ram the guy's head through the class to purposely injure him. Its a sad thing for the Calgary player but how injured he is because of the play should not be taken into account for how long a guy is suspended.

Jimenez should be suspended and they should have probably done a Chris Simon deal from last year. Suspended him for 3 games minimum. So if the lions make it to the grey cup he still has to sit out one game next year and if they didn't make it 2 games next year. But remember if you suspended him for 3 games for the hit that means everyone who preforms that hit regardless of the outcome should get 3 games because it can be career ending.

Predx did you watch the video? If you did, or anyone else did, explain to me what yard line the hit was on and where the play was at the time? Explain to me if the video shows if other players were still tackling one another? Had the whistle already went?

You guys don't know anything about the hit and you're just hate mongering.

Condemming people for being religous now are we SwerevinMer? Smack talking with the big man. Now answer me this:

  1. Were you ever molested as a child?
  2. Did yout mother drink or take drugs exessively during her pergnancy?
  3. Have you ever had voices in your head telling you to do something bad?
  4. Were you picked on a child?
  5. Do you have at least one friend?
  6. Can you do more than on thing at a time?

If you answered yes to more than 2 questions then maybe it is you that has a problem. LOL
All kidding aside, why do you hate people from Saskatchewan so much?

Thats what I thought. You don’t know Sh*t about the hit or what was going on at the time and where the ball was. Neither do I as I have only seen the fuzzy CBC video and I won’t pass judgement on Jimenez and him banished from the laegue or defame the club over something that we don’t deserve to have an opinion on.

The hit was an illegal hit that garnered a 25 yard penalty and a DQ. He hit the player intentionally and the way he hit the player was intentional. Therefore, the intent was to do something illegal on purpose. He had many other options available which would have been legal and still been effective. He chose to intentionally do something illegal. So therefore intent is present.

Who cares if he intended to hurt the player. That is not the point. What he did was prove that he has no regard for other players or their safety. That is worthy of a suspension.

...that pretty much sums it up....

Actually, we know lots of things about that hit.
We know the ref immediately threw the flag. We know the refs DQed the guy.
We know the league saw this as serious enough to suspend him. We know that ex and current players alike who have seen the video were left shaking their heads in disbelief.
We know that fans who witnessed the play live were left shaking their heads in disbelief--enough so that a number of them actually took the time to contact the club. We know that the Calgary Stampeders were outraged over the play. We know that even members of the Lions had nothing good to say about the play.
We know, from the video, that regardless of whether the whistle had gone, that play was a foul, and that it was flagrant. There is nowhere on the field you are allowed to block a guy like that.
We know that the injured player was in a completely defenceless position.
We know, from testimony of players, refs and video tape, that the play was either over, or nearly over, that the blow occured 10-15 yards behind the play.
We can in fact see other players in the video who are doing nothing, including another Lion olineman who could have thrown a block at the same player but was not even attempting to do so.
We know that several teams have sent video to the league complaining about exactly this type of "questionable" blocking from this very same player.

In the midst of our "hate mongering" we appear to know an awful lot!!

pred-dx...I would say very few atheletes go out with the intent to injure. That is the outcome. Did Todd B, intend to send a message when he hit the guy, yes, did he intend to hurt the guy so he couldn't play again no.

If you think that mentality exists in sport, then we need to stop watching sports.

As I said in other threads...We saw the hit. It was block across the back of the legs. Who knows what the intent was. Fact is, it was a clip as defined in most football rule books. It was also unnecesary and away from the play. Thats probably why the ref DQ him. By the way, there was no hesitation by the ref that threw the flag, it was immediately.

Now heres a different thought. What if this block took place at where the ball carrier was? What if Jimenez tried to get him from the side but ended up (By miscalculation) getting him from behind? We probably would have only had a flag for an illegal block or clip, no DQ and no suspension debate.

I think the key reason that the DQ happened was because of the location of where the block took place. (No where near the ball carrier. There was no need for him to throw that type of block.

So you are saying that 'intent to injure' is totally relevant, but if you suspend him for 3 games it doesnt matter if the other player got injured or not?

:? :? :?

Definately because of where it took place and what he did hitting him from behind.