League considering coaches challenges on interference calls

I think a lot of late flags are thrown because the official takes a moment to make his judgment, apply that to the rulebook in his brain and then verify his judgment before he commits a decision. Much like in baseball when there is a close play at the plate, and the umpire waits 2 or 3 seconds to make sure that the ball didn't pop out of the catcher's glove etc before he commits to out or safe.

A penalty like facemask is pretty cut and dried. You see the fingers on the bars and the hat twist a bit and bam! the nylon hits the turf before the tackled player does, but I think on a lot of judgment fouls (such as PI or holding) it's okay for the official to take a second or 2 to confirm his judgment and get it right.

And remember also that the same official who is judging interference is also often judging whether the receiver has possession before stepping out of bounds, or crossing the goal plane, or whether a low pass touched the ground before possession, and even though such outcomes do not affect the actual PI penalty, the official still needs to process all that at the same time, bang-bang-bang.

prairiedog72 is exactly correct. Ultimately, it's about getting the call correct, right? Right? One or two extra seconds for an official to replay in his head isn't worth whining about....you want the game called fairly, right?

When it comes to PI, forget what you see on TV or from the stands. Only the official, who is trained to look for subtle pulls of the belt or jersey can truly see the play and most importantly, judge whether or not an advantage has been gained by one player or the other...which is critical to it being a "call" or a "non call".