League considering coaches challenges on interference calls

Hey Blue_Dragoon - I'm find with spending SOME time reviewing a play - but to me if you haven't seen an angle where it is clear that a call is wrong within a minute or so - then I say let it go. Sometimes - admittedly mainly in the NCAA or NFL but on a couple of occasions the CFL - I've seen reviews take 3 or 4 minutes and that is just way too long. It completely kills the flow and momentum of a game - which can potentially have as much of an impact as the call itself.

I agree, especially in the case of PI calls. If it isn't immediately obvious within the first few seconds that the call was bogus, then end the challenge right there and stick with the call on the field. There are some incredibly obvious miscalls though, and these should be easily spotted and remedied within seconds.

I'm waiting for the first time a coach challenges a non-call and it ends up as offensive PI against his team.

I get the feeling that, given the need for "indisputable evidence" in order to overturn an on-field call, very few of these challenges will be successful. Coaches will probably only use them on contested long bombs at critical times of the game.

The more I think about this - the more I am against it.

If this is deemed to be a good idea - why only interference calls? Sometimes officials can miss a hold or illegal block that allows a running back or kick returner to score the winning touchdown or a hold that allows the quarterback the extra second to throw a pass that ends up being a huge play. If pass interference can be reviewed - why not those?

Can you imagine how crazy it would be (and how unfair it would be) if the offensive coach was able to challenge on a possible missed interference call if on the same play there was clearly a hold the officials missed that potentially allowed the quarterback to get the pass away in the first place - and the defensive coach would not be able to challenge that?

This raises too many issues in my opinion. Let the refs ref - that is what they are paid to do.

That situation already exists today. The defence challenges a call of a non-fumble by the QB, but the QB losing the ball was a result an offside blitzing linebacker. Or any of a number of reviewable calls following a pick, an offside, a hold, ....

So why not open it up to all penalties? Still only two challenges, but on any type of call.

Like I said, I feel any call should be fair game. Keep in mind, there aren’t so many bad calls that you’re even approaching the challenge limitation of 2 plus 1. The cavet I would add to the challenge rule is that the coach has to communicate the infraction he wishes to have reviewed. Getting the right call, and not leaving the fans saying “We were robbed because we couldn’t challenge that type of play” is the whole reason the challenge system came into being in the first place.

Once again, if you are challenging a penalty, or a non-call penalty, it should be blatant or else I would expect the command centre to side with it’s refs. Simple as that.


I can't believe that the league would even consider this.

Replay on a judgment call?


We will never ever EVER get all those worms back into that can.


Discussion over.

I personally feel that if at all it should only be allowed in the 4th quarter and overtime and a delay of game penalty should be assessed for challenges that are denied. Since challenges for pass interference calls would be rare given the possible penalty, it's probably better to not allow them at all. In the case of game-changing, less than flagrant pass interference the command centre should review it.

I'm leaning more and more to getting rid of all replays, except for scoring plays crossing the goal line or OB line only, rather than adding more. I feel they are detracting from the flow of the game and I do not know where they stop. We've gotten to the point we can't really tell what is a catch or fumble. I remember John Madden commenting: " Why are we doing this? We know if its a catch or not." I certainly don't agree that replays should be relegated to the time of a game. Can be just as damaging in the first Q. as the 4Q. I think PI calls are called unnecessarily. They may increase if replays are available if a reprieve can occur.

Are there any stats out there that tell us how many calls are reversed?

Another question-Do you think replays have improved officiating? I waiver on that point.

I don't mind it...if coaches want to potentially lose their timeouts this way, so be it. The part I don't like is being able to challenge it inside 3 minutes. So...you can challenge this and nothing else? You can either challenge or you can not...make a decision and don't open the door to "if they had had a timeout / challenge left they would have won the game" as this was the purpose of putting replays in command center's hands in the crucial end of game moments.

I would rather see in on supposed roughing the passer calls if they want to open the judgement calls thing.

I think the biggest rule change is allowing the center to bob his head. I despise this potential rule change.

In a loud stadium I think this makes the game better, the centre allowing to bob his head, less stupid like penalties. They do it anyways.

Yeah. Don't centers bob their heads all the time already without being called for procedure? I didn't even know there was a rule against it.

What really drives me nuts is the constant waving of arm gestures by a reciever to the refs to throw a flag on long passes in order to try to influence them to call pass interference.How many times do we see an overthrown ball or questionable contact and the reciever is motioning with his imaginary flag in hand trying to influence the ref to see things his way.How many times also do you see a late flag thrown after the play when a reciever does this BS gesture and you see the reciever clapping his hands in glee that his acting job actually worked and convinced the ref to throw his flag,when it looked like initially that he wasn't going to.The other side of the coin is how many times do you also see the same gesture with a reciever and it doesn't work,and the reciever pulls a hissy fit,and usually the ref will call the next pass or one shortly after in the recievers favor.This trying to sway an official usually works in the offenses favor,and you usually see it done at least 3 to 4 times every game.I say let it be reviewable,and if it is a result of a reciever trying to get a flag thrown by hand gesturing after the fact and the call is overturned than his team gets the penalty instead for delay of game or objectionable conduct.I believe that it would cut down on all the play acting going on by recievers trying to influence the ref to throw a flag after the fact,and make their job a lot easier.

They already can call a penalty for the actions you refer to....they simply don't, and should I agree

Yes, diving should be called in football too!

Are late flags the result of influence by the players? Or are there other reasons? Is it possible that it's just a matter of perception, that you don't see the flag until it's on it's way to the ground? Could it be the official was so busy tracking the play that he felt pausing to throw his flag was secondary? Maybe he just missed his flag when he went to pull it out of his pocket? Or are you perhaps thinking of illegal contact, contact before the ball was in the air, rather than pass interference? See the following comment from Bob Young from a couple of years ago (with my emphasis):


Anyway, I'm suggesting that there may be reasons why a flag may look like it's late other than being that the official convinced by a receiver.

I typically don't comment on people's spelling - I know I've made a few boo-boos myself - but given your criticism a few days ago of someone spelling Collaros' name incorrectly....
It's "receiver", not "reciever". :wink:

Officials are NOT influenced by crowds, coaches or players. They call what they see according to rule book....it's just that simple.

"yougottabekidding" right?????.....it's just that simple. :roll: :wink: :slight_smile:

Agreed, those late flags on ridiculous calls after the fans go ape are maddening .

Rick Berezowski would argue that