League and Players' Union Reach Agreement


Holy Shazam Batman ! :lol:

No surprise.

The sky did not fall, nor will it.

Great News !!!!!!! :rockin: :thup: :cowboy:

Let's keep our fingers crossed that they voted to reduce the starting Canadians from 7 to 4.
The fans deserve it, the coaches deserve it, the better players deserve it and the owners deserve it!!!

orifice, worn one at that

Good stuff, plus it's going to include some drug testing provisions. Good news story if I ever heard one.

Good negotiating = everyone is happy. Hopefully the same thing can happen with Hamilton's stadium.

Citation please. :twisted:

As long as there's drug testing (not just for steroids but all the other drugs they can take to beat steroid tests) and longer practice times (it's time the CFL becomes a professional league not semi pro that encourages players to work other jobs)

But of course the long and respected history doesn't deserve it. Whatever. :?

I dont mind the rule, the only problem is how it's organized and used by coaches to make the league overly defensive.

Major problems with it: A canadian running back must be replaced by a canadian running back if injured which makes no sense (this rule discourages teams from having starting canadian rb's, qb's, db's), his replacement should be allowed to play any position. Also i loath the fact coaches have the option to play the 7 starters anywhere, it should be 4 on offence, 4 on D and 4 on special teams and maybe throw in a rule that a backup canadian qb counts as a starter and must be played if there is an injury to the starting qb and cant be pulled untill after 5 pass attempts.

Have to go and eat Drex but it sounds like you have legitimate points on this one.

Even with the practice time limits now in effect, very few CFL players work, during the season, at other jobs. And, the CFL IS a professional league. In fact, it's the 2nd best one, in the world.

Yes but 4 hours is not enough to time, especially in a sport where game planning is one of the most important aspects. Increase practices will result in much sharper offensive execution, trick plays, more creativity etc.

I realize most players probably dont work other jobs now, but that is why they made it 4 hours before so the league would be friendly to players with other jobs.

Look Drex, not saying you don't have points here but if you want the CFL to be like the NFL with their money model, it's not going to happen. What we have in the CFL is a gem IMHO and is as detailed in the overall game aspects of the NFL even if the CFL playbook might be more limited to an NFL team because they pay so much it's a 365 day a year thing. But the detail is there enough in our professional league IMHO to get into it and into it big time, the result is who is the Grey Cup Champs.

But as I say, the CFL will never be the NFL, thank goodness even if we can adopt some aspects of the NFL model, and vica versa.

I hope for the players sake that for once they have "won" with more money and an increase in the players roster expecially for a Canadian.

The players won big time, the league also suffers and fails to grow in any way out of this and most likely the drug testing will be done on the cheap and will be super easy for any player to cheat.

I am relieved that an agreement has been reached between the CFL and the CFLPA before training camp opened. It's not surprising that they reached in agreement, but it's a relief nonetheless. I also wanted to know the details of the deal, so thanks for posting that, Drew.

It seemed that if there was one thing keeping a deal from happening, it was the issue sharing of league revenue. But it looks like the players agreeing to give up guaranteed share of league revenue in exchange for pre-determined increases in the salary cap and minimum salary over the duration of the four-year contract was what got the deal done. The league keeping more revenue is good news for the Ontario teams, as Drew points out. The Ontario teams sure could use some good news.

Not much else seems to have changed, as you'll see be reading what Drew wrote. There might not have been much else that needed to be changed. The ratio is just fine the way it is, IMHO.

When collective bargaining agreements are reached you sometimes have to wonder which side won. But I don't know if I can say either side got that much more of what they wanted than the other side did. But because they got a deal done on time, you might say that both sides won, and we, the fans, might be the biggest winners. :thup:

Now, as pointed out earlier, if only a certain other dispute that has been discussed here could be resolved...

If a business is beating you in an area you dont act stubborn, you step up and close that gap. There was 10 NFL qb's who threw more td's than Toni last year, our leading passer. What is the CFL doing about it to make sure this league once again becomes a wideopen offensive minded league? The answer is nothing.