League admits screw up again!!!

TiCats screwed again.

Damn us whiny TiCat fans :?


Zebras screw us again! Maybe Glen Johnson should be sitting in at the command centre because obviously Harbin needs help with his visual acuity! :roll: :twisted:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

In a Playoff game when the CFL admits it made a mistake which did affect the outcome of the game ,the game should be replayed from the point of the bad calls (2!!) .
Just like when they played the rest of the FOG bowl on Monday in Toronto .
It's not enough to rob a franchise and just say oops .
Replay the rest of the game Friday and Ottawa Sunday.
Insert cuss words ,yelling ,DISGUST
with the CFL. !!!
BS !!!!!

How charming.

Don't you just love how he says it didn't affect the outcome of the game. :roll:

Ya it didn't affect the outcome because the outcome is over and nothing we can do about it.
It is over, It is too bad, It stinks! We should be playing Sunday

Gee... I wonder if the League will compensate the team and TiCat players for potential lost revenue/play off money for such a major screwup :roll:

And contrary to Johnson's opinion or belief, the 2 miscues did have a major affect on the final outcome of the game.

It's admirable that the League owns up to it's errors but these numerous admissions of officiating/Command Centre mistakes affecting the outcomes of games mean little after the fact and do lead to frustration and angst on the part of the TiCat's team and fans (and especially Caretaker!!!).

Unreal,unbelievable,let's see if the Morons screw up in the two Finals !? Both those games will be flawless No Ticats !

As a fan of this league for 60 years, I am done :thdn:

Could've cost the players in hard cold cash. Here is an article from a couple years ago. Players get paid extra for playoff games.

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/4219381-cfl-some-playoff-motivation-comes-in-the-form-of-cold-hard-cash/]http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/421 ... hard-cash/[/url]

Yeah me too. As I get older my blood pressure rises when sh*t like this happens. So by doctor's order I'm giving up the CFL and the TiCats. While I'll always have a spot in my heart for the 'Cats the league they're in sucks hard and it's time to let it go.
Continued happiness, health and posting to you all. I'm done.

Always hard to get calls on the big bad west division teams. Especially Edmonton.
Still no respect for Ticats or the rest of the East compared to the West.

Note to a-hole Johnson :
Cats would have been 1st and 10 at the 52 yard line...
"with the wind at their backs"
And it did not effect the outcome of the game ?
Total brain-dead idiot..period. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

No more apologies from the CFL. They can refund my ticket for that game though...

Maybe a hit to their bottom line would motivate them to fix this issue. Tired of empty words.

Me too!

Isn't there a good lawyer out there who would start a class action law suit on behalf of our players who would have received playoff bonuses. (pro bono, of course)

Funny how both the CFL and TSN websites have conveniently ignored the League's admission of, and apology for, the major penalty screw ups in the eastern semi-final, and occurring once again against the TiCats to probably affect the outcome of a game. (And this time adversely affecting players income with playoff money)

I've since watched a few TSN Sportcentres with mention of Esk's Reilly's possible injury and status and Lions Arceneaux's possible concussion problems but nothing about the officiating and Command Centre admissions of guilt and apology.

How strange :?

Wonder if Johnson spoke out too soon without commissioner permission? The CFL and TSN are joined at the hips. One will not criticize the other without full agreement as to what and how it's reported. TSN needs the viewing audience to generate ad revenue. Needs to have very positive spins to get us to watch. They don't want or need to advertise to the casual fan who may only tune in periodically that there are glaring issues with officiating. CYA for both the CFL and TSN.

My mistake... reading the 3DownNation article again, the League didn't actually apologize for the screw up, only admit it occurred "unfortunately" :?

"Too bad, so sad. Better luck next year." :roll: