Leafs vs Bruins / Marner vs Matthews

Marner started his career slowly. He was small (still is) and was stick thin (he has filled out).

Matthews started his career like a house on fire - 4 goals in his first game.

2 years later...

I might take Marner over Matthews.

Leafs won, tonight. Good game.

Bruins leads the series 2 to 1.

I really think the comparison should be Matthews & Marner vs. Patrik Laine & Nikolaj Ehlers.

I'll take Marner & Matthews any day.

The stick-boy (Marner) is supremely talented - and even with his somewhat frail but filling out physique is managing to hang in with most of the NHL rough 'n rowdies.

Matthews is a full-fledged NHL star - only his 2nd year - best rounded player (all facets) of the4 guys I'm examining. Perhaps his defense could be ratcheted up a bit - if the Leafs lose in 6 or 7 to Boston that will be the bugaboo.

Laine is the best shooter of the 4 - perhaps the entire league. His shot alone makes him worthy of demanding a 9 to 11 million per anum contract by the button-down Jets ownership group. . . . . although he basically fizzled down the stretch with only 1 goal in his final 10 games

Laine is also the largest of the 4 guys - at 6'5" and 205 he's just growing into his body. His passion can sometimes be questioned but he's fairly durable - takes a ton of abuse, mostly without retribution but his stick-handling skills are average at best, his puck possession numbers are below average and while he's deceptively fast - he's not very quick in neutral zone situations. When his office (the slot) is taken away - or other teams assign him a handler (like Boo Boo Boudreau is doing in Minny) he's basically Casper the Friendly Finnish Ghost.

Ehlers is the fastest and most dynamic of the four. A rare commodity - a Danish NHL player. Ended up 1 short of 30 goals - should have had 40 with all the opportunities he had - somewhat shy of shooting cuz his shot is nowhere near as strong as the other 3 he ends up either dangling the puck for 10 or 15 seconds before either pad-thumping a goalie's crest or barfing it up entirely He's signed to a long-term contract but disappears for large gobs of time.

Laine also disappears - but only when opposing coaches aresmart enough to assign him a handler or be on him like a dog on a bone as soon as he receives the puck.

Sad but true - both the Jets and the Leafs might be out in the first round this year. Despite nabbing their 1st two matches the Jets looked awful in dumping their 3rd - losing Myers a big problem. Boudreau is a superior coach to Claude Maurice and the disparity was obvious in Game 3. Maurice won't be able to adjust to Boudreau's adjustments - or he'll just resume his line-blending algorithm.

Big difference in reaction - if the Leafs go down to Boston they'll be BIG ANGER in the BIG SMOKE. How could Baboonski get out-coached by Boston's newbie? Why didn't Marner & Matthews take control of games? How stupid was Nazeem Kadri to get suspended for 3 games?

In Winnipeg - even if the Jets go out in straight sets (ie. 4-2) the town will be joyous. We got 3 games of white-out action on international TV. The fans created a madhouse in the downtown district (usually abandoned after 5:30pm) and we won our first two playoff games in franchise history. Not really things to be joyous about - but keep in mind this is Winnipeg.

Some of the media will pull their own retreating hair out - trying to get answers about why the Jets were 10 pts up on Minny in the standings but couldn't live up to their billing in the playoffs.

As far as the four horsemen are concerned. Marner and Matthews will be central to the Leaf hopes to advance - while Laine & Ehlers will be locked down and ineffective campaigners.

I agree with 1 and 3 - but not willing to agree with # 2 - yet.

Most Leafs fans I know HOPE we can beat Boston - but know we are the underdog. We will be 'disappointed' if the Leafs lose the series in 6 or 7 games but only will be 'angry' if the team plays the next two games like they did Games 1 and 2 and bow out in five with four ugly losses.

I hope Matthews injury issues continue. If I was the opposition, I'd run that shoulder every chance I got.

You hope for injuries...interesting
You might pick Marner over Matthews...check back in 5 years

it saddens me that you would say that

Actually he says that a lot. He does hope for injuries evidently.
I don't get it either. I guess that's another example of his self proclaimed taker of the high road.

Marner and Mathews are both cornerstone players for the Leafs for years to come it seems to me. I hope both remain healthy. Good teams always have a Batman and a Robin.

Matthews taking a beating in the Toronto media. That makes Kevin happy. :slight_smile: