Leading rusher for '08

Lumsden if he staying Healthy

Other Wise Charles Roberts

:lol: Really? Stats suggest otherwise.

And the riders are in a dynasty :lol:

LMAO typical rider fans.

I say Lumsden if healthy. With all due respect, the Ti-Cats can't afford not to rely on him and hand him the ball often.

I dont think that is very typical.

It was a joke.

Lumsden if healthy.

i agree with lumsden when he plays he runs through any defense. but he has never had a full season due to the nfl or health. so i question his ability to go every game. reynolds has to have his young online step up and he will be in the running, joe smith is a great back and can easily take it in b.c, and roberts although aging is still tough and still can make any defender miss and will be a needed aspect to the bombers passing game. I say Roberts as a bomber fan cuz he is still a fantastic back and has won it numerous times.

Just looking at the first half of tonight's Stamps/Lions game, Reynolds is going to get his carries. Smart move Calgary...

Yeah, he's definitely making his case tonight. 103 yards so far on 14 carries.