Leading rusher for '08

Personally, I think Joe Smith will be the leader again although Blink is my sentimental favorite. Smith is a flat out raging bull. Reynolds could be tops if the Stamps start using a running game more(like they should have last year.) Cates definitely has the talent but who knows about his durability.

i think if lumsden can stay healthy for the full season he will be the leader.

but the question is can he stay healthy

I agree jordan, he might be the best in the CFL if he can put together a full season. His yards-per-carry last year was phenomenal. Tough to stay healthy when taking(and giving) that much punishment.

Mr Roberts. But, I think Wes Cates will put up some real good numbers without Kerry Joseph quarterbacking...

Different runners here which is interesting to watch. But if Lumsden stays healthy, with his speed and size, he will rake up more yards than Blink or Smith easily I think. Lumsden can run away from people.

How do you leave out Lumsden? Come on! My vote is him. Him or Joe Smith again.

Some serious talent at the RB position in this league. Kenton Keith is a prime example. I watched him last year as a backup for the Colts and, when he got some carries, he was as good as the starter. He had at least 1 100-yard game last year that I know of. And I never thought he was as good of a RB as Roberts or Lumsden or Reynolds when he was in the CFL. Tyler Ebell is another RB to watch for if he can ever stay healthy.

I just took the top four RBs statistically from last year. Sorry Chief.

Joe Smith or Charles Roberts. My vote goes to Smith again.

Keith was good, but no way in hell was he as good as Addai. Addai is a dominant back!

And no worries about leaving Lumsden out... Unfortunately, he wasn't able to do much last year. I'm hoping he has a better season this year.

I think Reynolds will get his share of carries this year in Calgary. He could be back on top with Sir Henry starting to age. And I wonder how its going to work in Hamilton with Printers and a healthy Lumsden in the same backfield. They could be deadly if it doesn't become the "Casey Printers Show."

It will likely be Roberts or Smith.

Lumsden won't do much, despite all this talk of his awesome stats. He has been injury prone and really on had two good games last year that skewed his average. Remove those two games and the bottom two games and he becomes an average back at best.

Reynolds could be the dark horse in this race. I am not sure how much johnie will involve the RB in his offensive schemes.

Cates is a better then average back, with Crandell in at qb he may get more opportunities.

I don't see anyone else stepping up at this time.

Joffrey Reynolds.

Only 2 good games? What about when he rushed for 79 yards against Montreal and had a 7.9 average? Or when he rushed for 76 yards against Winnipeg and had a 6.3 average? Or what about when he rushed for 38 yards against Edmonton and had a 4.8 average and scored a TD and caught 2 passes for 62 yards?

Even if you take out his two best and his two worst games, like you said, he still has a 5.3 average, which puts him right up there with Joe Smith (5.4) and Charles Roberts (5.3). Some pretty damn good company.

But I like how you praise Wes Cates, a guy who had a lower yards/carry average (5.7 to 7.6) and a lower yards/game average (61.8 to 74.3), and fewer 100-yard games (1 to 2).

Back to Kenton Keith. He's one of the best backups in the NFL. I think Addai is a much better back than Keith but only because he has more tools i.e., he can catch a pass better, block better, and probably has more power. But, I think Keith has as much pure running ability and he didn't put the ball on the ground last season. And Keith's quicker no doubt. Just saying the Colts didn't lose much when Addai was on the bench. CFL's got some studs at RB.


he seems more determined than ever this year.

Wes Cates. Easily the best back in the league.

If Lumsden had BC's or Wpg's oline, maybe. But he doesn't and won't be up there with Smith or Roberts. Same with Reynolds, Calgary's oline is young and unproven. Cates, could be a dark horse.

woahh take it easy there man dont get carried away

Have to go with Lumsden.