Leading reviever on Saturday for Printers

I predict taht the leading reciever for Printers will be non other than fan favorite Davin Bush, one or two interceptions, one with a huge runback, possibly from the endzone.


Here come the Riders fans. Give em a bye week and they come out of the wood work now. I'm sure the Riders are gonna be well rested and raring to go. That bye week must have made Riders fans forget about their 4 game losing streak.

Hoping for a good game and see you Riders fans at TF on Sat.

Don't be foolish fellow Sask fan, stop ranting and roaring about pointless things :stuck_out_tongue: The top receiver will be Geroy Simon i bleieve as always, Geroy is amazing!

B.C is it true that Printers wont' be playing Saturday?? I read that in the Leader-Post this morning.

Dickenson won't be playing. Printers gets the start. Buck Pierce is the backup. Jarious Jackson is #3

sorry guys my bad, my mom read wrong and told me Printers wasn't playing! :oops:

Printers will probably be in, and do good as always. He needs a little more game time action, and he will only get better with more games played.

As for favorite receiver Clermont/Simon. 8)

Ridersfan4 , when you don’t like reality , you can always fantasize can’t you?

Pretty sad if Bush would be the leading receiver for the Riders. LOL.

Davin Bush out with an injury. What else is new?