after this last debacle it seems pretty clear the riders are lacking on and off field leadership.
Durant is the tony romo of the CFL..great one game ,terrible the next and this shaking of the head after something goes wrong! com on Darin that belongs in minor league football.
the players have clearly lost confidence in Darian to do the job.We most urgently need to be looking for a new quarterback.

and Miller must go as well .what a bonehead call on the third down gamble in the first half.What was Miller thinking or better yet not thinking. the Defense was playing so well .it was downhill from there.

MILLER MUST GO !! and right out of town. even Berry was better than this farce of a coach.

Durant is a good quaterback when used properly, and when he isn't playing on a broken foot. I didn't get to watch the game but listened on the radio, and Durant's stats look terrible, but it sounded like he had a few catchable balls dropped, and EE was bringing the heat on him, with knowing he can't move and our o-line can't block I don't blame them.

As for getting rid of him, I think that is ridiculous. What we need to do is to get rid of most of our o-line, and bring in a new RB and a bunch of new defensive players. New GM is a must, and with that I can see some new coaches, we all knew Miller probably wouldn't be back next year no matter what. Hall I think is a great coach, he just needs some players who can do what he wants. Dickenson looks to have made a huge difference on ST.

As for leadership, we lost a TON of leaders this off season, and during the first part of the season. We need to look at bringing in some guys with CFL experience this off season. I'm hoping for many changes this off season, Durant isn't one of them, maybe bring in a guy who he can battle with for the starting job, make him work for the starting job, but for sure keep him around!