Leadership vs Sinking Ship

First and foremost I'd like to appologize for starting another Jason Maas/Timmy Chang thread.

I know that at some point in time Jason Maas was a decent quarterback. I think it's because he was a perennial backup and had less preasure on him... but that's not the point right now.

Lets say that Jason Maas still has it in him to be a good quarterback. It's possible (ssshhh stop laughing). I just don't think that it's possible with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

See, he's lost the fans confidence so it would take nothing short of a couple 500 yard, 5 TD passing games to even have the fans warm up to him a bit. That's a VERY tall order.

On the field he also doesn't seem to comand the respect of the players. It doesn't seem like the O-line is willing to do "whatever it takes" to stop people from getting through. I could be wrong, but that's what I sense. He just doesn't appear to be their leader when he's on the field.

So... we'll say that Jason Maas is the Captain of the S.S. Sinkingship.

Timmy Chang on the other hand seems to command the respect of the players on the field. His gung-ho attitude appears to breath life into the players on the field. He may not be a great quarterback yet and he still makes some bad decisions... but he's young. That improve. The fans are behind him, too. I realize that Timmy Chang is not going to lead us to the Grey Cup this year... but if we use this year as a building year for him you never know what will happen.

So... lets call Timmy Chang the captain of the S.S. Leadership.

Lets make this TIMMY'S TEAM and see what kind of footprint he can leave. Jason Maas has already had a full season. We've seen that show. There's a reason why there isn't a Titanic II.

It's "The Coach's" call.

You do make some valid points!

Hopefully things will be clearer come game day and a cohesive unit will give the Ticats a win! :wink:

Why do we continue to debate this? People are just grasping for straws. We watch Chang for three quarters and what did he do (this is the time where we all listen to the crickets chirp)? Exactly, not a thing. Did the Cats score a TD? Nope! I don't care who you put in there. When you are getting 2-3 seconds to make a play, nothing will happen. Why do you think the RBs are going nowhere? When you take the handoff and 1-2 of the D are in your face, you gain no yards. The odd play, we gain a few through the air or on the ground but the Cats are not consistent enough to sustain a drive. If you throw Chang to the wolves, you risk what the Leafs did years ago with Bester and Wreggett. You throw and young kid in there and his confidence goes south. The QB and the goalie always take the brunt because they are the centre of attention. Identify and fix the real problem first. If the Cats O line can do their job and Maas is still throwing up ducks and doing squat, then you have the right to turn on him. Right now, you are blaming the wrong guy!

I would have fired Maas after last years events. The CFL season is quick enough. At this level it's time to put out or get out! It's okay for me to fire 30% in my all or nothing backyard games, but I'm not being paid, watched or cared about! Get Maas a one way ticket! QB's are not like goalies. QB's don't stop shots, control the entire offensive play or call plays. Their not the main component in scoring, their the main component is stopping scoring. Your comparing apples and roofs.

Let me spell this out in English for you bruiser since it is obvious that this is not one of your strong points. On a hockey team, the goalie is the key component, much like a QB in football. That was my reference to them being the centre of attention. If your goalie is strong eg. Patrick Roy, he sticks out. If your goalie sucks (fill in the blank) he also sticks out. Much like a QB, a middle of the road goalie can look good if he has the players in front on him. Put garbage players (or players who don't do their job) in from of a QB or a goalie and no matter how good he is, he can look like crap. Are you digging it now?

After seeing Chang play aginst the Argos the other night, I think he is ready to play in a controlled environment. By that I mean an offense that features a fullback to pick up the blitz and some tight end formations to help block for Lumsden. Use the KISS system until its apparent he can read the defenses better. To throw him in and expect him to succeed in an empty backfield, like some of the formations Hamilton was doing, would be disasterous. But he is farther along then most rookies because of his college offense and a year in NFLE IMO.

HAHAHAHA. I love it!

As for goalies and such...

I'm a goalie.

I played on a Jr.B team that was TERRIBLE but the coach kept giving me the starts as a rookie to get me some ice time and get a feel for things. Losing did not shake my confidence because I knew I was doing my job and the coaching staff assured me of this.

Then when I went on to play for my college varsity team I became a backup for my rookie season. Our starting goalie had played in the QMJHL so he was given the starts, one after another. He was TERRIBLE though. We lost many games because of him and THAT took my confidence away. Not getting the start simply because I was a rookie. Hockey is hockey. Just like football is football.

Start Chang.

It would be worse for this confidence if he gets sat behind some guy that simply cannot get the job done.

You didn't lose your confidence when you were getting blown out because the coach told you that you were only doing your job. However, when someone else started and your team got blown out and lost game after game, it took away your confidence. Now that really makes sense. Maybe he was just doing his job. If your team was any good, they should have focused on D to help your tender. In the end, that got you where? Starting tender in your beer league?

  1. I didn't lose my confidence because I knew I was on a poor team, just like the Tiger-Cats are. I got some game experience and improved my play. Getting peppered with shots is a really good way to get better... trust me.

  2. I lost my confidence when I WASN'T playing because I knew that I could help the team but I wasn't given the chance. Our starting goalie directly cost us a few games. Sure, the D could have stepped up efforts... but isn't it the goalies job to stop the puck? Why change your game plan because someone isn't holding up their socks?

  3. In the end where does anything get you?

Let me get this straight! You are saying that Maas should be the starter in a Beer League! :wink:

Yea, you do know your stuff! :wink:

I think "The Coach" knows what he is doing! He is looking at fixing the problems and I don't think starting Maas is in the plans. We will see!