in my opinion these three things have been brought in here with some key players and coaches, namely otis floyd, arland bruce and coach marshall. it started gm 1 vs bc when otis played out of his mind and making the key int,showing his teammates not to be afraid to go out and win, bruce brings the playmaker skill guy we need and a litttle swagger which i think keeps this team loose… ive been hoping to have marshall here for years he’s an excellent coach and it seems like his players like to play for him.
then of course kevin glenn has regained his mvp form from a few years ago, and i think what this team has built with confidence and structure could do some damage in the playoffs.

I agree on all points. This team is dangerous, and very capable of going all the way.

Not trying to put a downer on your thoughts but given the two most recents deaths of Canadian soldiers and the upcoming ceremonies, I would leave the word bravery out, it does not apply. I recognize this is not your intent but I think we need to give honour to whom honour is truly do with the word bravery and that is the Canadian military at this time.

Again, not a personal thing just my opinion

I think you’re getting too picky Rev, I’m sure emms mean’t bravery in a sense related to sports and in no way mean’t any disrespect to BRAVERY as you describe it.

I understand the intent but feel strongly for families of soldiers who really are brave in ever aspect of the word. I am sure Emms feels the same, no offense intended at Emms at all.

I’d like to add “sense of humour” to the list.

Arland Bruce’s President Obama mask that he wore in the dug-out cracked me up :lol: :lol: :lol:


I hear you Rev but as my Dad said when he was in his late teens and early twenties and wasn't much for going to school "man I want to go to war and have some excitement" type of thing, this was for the Second World War. Yes, that is still bravery but a lot of guys weren't thinking bravery, they were thinking excitement. I don't think they understood the dangers involved, really understood. Nowadays, maybe it's different.


welll my father was a veteran in the navy so i know and respect all that, it is a football forum last i checked.
but good points for sure. lol..
anyone who has played the game at whatever level knows the amount intimdation and it is indeed like a war out there (not compaing it the war though).. having a vet leadership has helped this team go out to play without fear of losing something i think past teams have suffered thru.

I think bravery very seldomly applies to sport.

I would say leadership, confidence ( or swagger) and focus

All I can tell you that Glenn looks a whole lot better in that TiCat uniform than he did in that Bummer uniform. :thup: :smiley:

Speaking of swagger, which player drives the 2009ish GMC with 24" rims? (saw it leaving IW after the sask game).

lmao .......