Leadership, at last?

I read this article in The Spectator this morning:


I love the last line, with Coach Taaffe saying,

"I'm not trying to place blame I'm trying to find solutions," the Cat bench boss added.
Reading this had me remembering Marshall screaming his head off, turning red faced, when players would make mistakes on the field. That attitude really did us no good in the end, and a lot of those players have gone on to other teams and been successful now.

I'm sure there are going to be a few players that really should be blamed because they aren't ever going to cut it and they will be replaced, and that will all come out in time. But that said I'm loving this attitude of actually trying to find solutions.

I thought it was a great article as well. Also saw a good feature on the Ticats on TSN this morning. JoJuan said something to the effect that they have to be more accountable for their actions and do what you can to help the guy lined up next to you. I'm really becoming a big fan of Armour's. A couple of guys also said that they are starting to see Maas take a leadership role too and his runs against Montreal made them feel that they need to do more for the team

Do you think Hitch would be a good leader by chance for the "D"???

Armour rocks

I think that Moreno is going to be a great leader on defence. On offence though, who knows at this point. Maybe Lumsden, Holmes, Maas, Chang, or some combination of the bunch?

No! As the article said, in order to be a leader, you need to have the right qualities, and you need to be able to lead by example. You can't yell at others to play better when you aren't playing well enough to break the starting line-up. This was the case for Hitch the past two years. He may have been able to be a leader for special teams, but does it make sense to have a veteren player, who is a little past his prime in this role? Maybe considering the fact that they are lacking leadership. I think it was best to move on. I just wish Hitch would have retired gracefully, like Ozzy did.


If history follows the same course, the Cats should have some leaders developed about the same time they move to the Argos (witness: Tony Miles, Clifford Ivory, Mike O'Shea, Jeff Johnson, etc. etc.)

I'm thinking the Cats will continue to be the farm team for the Argonauts in 2007.

Didn't Ozzy walk off the field at halftime of a preseason game?

Doesn't sound so graceful.

I see what your saying blackandgold, but Ozzy did retire, as opposed to being released like Hitchcock and Morealle.