The leader post needs to stop making it sound like suddenly there is a quarter back controversy happening in regina. Kerry Joseph is one of the better quarterbacks to have played in Sask, other than Burris there hasn't been a good one here since Kent Austin was playing here.

I will be the first to admit that yes Rocky Butler can in and did just fine, but he didn't look amazing as a quarterback, he just didn't make any mistakes wich is a huge thing for a quarterback to do. Joseph makes big plays, he can run, and has a great arm. With Joseph helthy I don't see any reason to even think about him not being the #1 Quarterback, that is a job he has to lose, and he has done nothing in my opinion to lose it yet. Now if the defense can play like they did in the last 2 against Hamilton and Kerry puts up the numbers we know he can I don't think a home playoff game is out of the question for the season.

It's the nature of the beast my friend. Has there ever not been a QB controversy in Sask ? Yes, Joseph is the starter, and yes there is two other guys who can start any given game. So, if it ain't broke don't fix it. This is going to be a good test for Rocky against a more physical and fast defense in Winnipeg. I think he will do fine.

I think rocky will be like a deer in the highlights against the ferocious wpg defence just like wynn and eakin were earlier this season

What is it your goal to be the last post in every forum? Run along now and sit a the kiddie table while the adults are talking. Wynn, Eakin funny little child.

No my goal you sixpack is to post my opinon on topics in the CFL and so be it if nobody responds to my posts right away so my suggestion to you would be to shut up and sit back as the bombers crush your little roughriders on labour day

sorry bout the double post i dont know what happened :?

And what about Buck Pierce? Can you say 32-5?

If I were Barrett, I would start Butler and if he falters then put in Joseph. I think Butler can do the job against the Bombers. Joseph needs to heal, and he should be given one more week to rest. Butler is more than capable of running this offence. All you need to do is look at what happened to Dickesnon in Montreal. He came back to early and re-injured that ankle. The last thing we need is for Joseph re-injure his knee.

I agree keep him out if he is even only 99%, but if he is at 100% start him I say. Butler isn't the quarterback he is IMO. Butler is just a better version of Nelon Green, short passes hope the running backs take off and don't make any mistakes.

Butler is also coming off an injury.